Media Player Classic – Black Edition (MPC BE) (x64 & x86) settings + LAV filters

People who have fast computer should not face any playback issues with default settings of MPC BE.

  • Software:      MPC BE 1.5.3 x64
  • Operating System:      Windows 10 Pro x64 version 1903

People with old computer may need to do some settings for smooth playback.



  • Select On Top -> While playing

MPC BE 153_11-06-2019_12-46-20

  • Tick Remember last window position.
  • Tick Remember last windows size.
  • Tick Limit window proportions on resize.

MPC BE 153_11-06-2019_12-46-42

  • Resizer:
    • You can any one of these
      1. DXVA-HD
      2. PS: Bicubic A=-1.0
      3. PS 3.0: Lanczos3
  • Downscaling < 50% :
    • You can any one of these
      1. DXVA-HD
      2. PS 3.0: Bicubic

MPC BE 153_11-06-2019_12-46-59

  • You may decrease the Saturation to -10.

MPC BE 153_11-06-2019_12-47-13

  • You may tick “VSync” if you are facing shuttering while playing a video.

MPC BE 153_11-06-2019_12-47-34

  • Select “Audio renderer” as “MPC Audio Renderer

MPC BE 153_11-06-2019_12-47-48

  • You may increase “Buffer length:” to “5 sec

MPC BE 153_11-06-2019_12-47-59




How to configure MPC BE to use external LAV Filters

OS: Windows 10 Pro x64

Software: MPC BE x64,LAV Filters

First, download and install LAV Filters.

Download Link :

Open “LAV Video Configuration“.

MPC BE LAV FILTERS_12-06-2019_15-24-53

  • Select “D3D11” as Hardware Decoder to use.

MPC BE LAV FILTERS_12-06-2019_15-25-22

  • Start MPC BE Player.
  • Open View -> Options

MPC BE LAV FILTERS_12-06-2019_15-25-35

  • Select “External Filters
  • Click “Add Filter

MPC BE LAV FILTERS_12-06-2019_15-25-55

  • Select “LAV Audio Decoder“. Click “OK”.

MPC BE LAV FILTERS_12-06-2019_15-26-13

  • Select “Prefer” as shown below.

MPC BE LAV FILTERS_12-06-2019_15-26-18

  • Similarly Add LAV Splitter,LAV Splitter source,LAV Video Decoder and set “Prefer” for each one.

MPC BE LAV FILTERS_12-06-2019_15-26-31

  • It should look as shown below.

MPC BE LAV FILTERS_12-06-2019_15-26-49