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VLC Media Player 3 – Basic Settings

Tutorial for basic recommended setting in VLC Media player.

OS :  Windows 10 Pro x64

Software :  VLC Media Player 3.0.7,

  • Open “Preferences

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_13-04-35

  • Untick “Resize interface to video size”.
  • Tick “Use only one instance when started from file manager
  • You may tick “Enqueue items into a playlist in one instance mode“.

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_10-31-49

  • Select “Windows Multimedia Device output”

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_10-32-34

  • Select “Direct3D11 video output

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_10-32-50

  • You may select the font VLC will use to display subtitle.

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_10-33-26

  • Select “Direct3D11 Video Acceleration

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_10-33-46

  • Click “Save

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_10-34-32

  • Open “Preferences

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_13-04-35

  • Select “All” under “Show settings” as shown below.

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_10-36-12

  • Select “5.00” as “Audio output volume step”

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_10-36-43

  • You may select “Disable” for “Audio resampler”, to disable audio resampler.

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_10-37-09

  • Select “Windows Multimedia device output” for “Audio output module”.

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_10-38-15

  • Select “Windows Audio Session API output” for “Output back-end”.

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_10-38-40


  • You may tick “Always on top“. This will keep VLC player on top of other windows.

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_10-41-40

  • Select “Direct3D11 video output” for “Video output module”.
  • Click “Save”

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_10-43-10




  • Audio Filters shows the list of audio filters available.
  • You need to tick next the “Audio Filter” you want to use.

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_10-37-53

  • The settings for “Audio Filters” can be found under the “Audio -> Filters” panel.

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_13-09-08

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_13-08-39

  • Various video filters are available. You need to tick next to the “Video Filter” which you want to use.

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_10-42-44

  • The settings for “Video Filters” can be found under the “Video -> Filters” panel.

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_13-11-00

VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_13-12-15VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_13-12-34VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_13-12-52VLC MEDIA PLAYER 3_16-06-2019_13-13-00


Using External LAV Filters with Potplayer 1.7

How to configure Potplayer to use external LAV Filters.

OS :  Windwos 10 pro x64

Software : Potplayer 1.7.18958, LAV Filters 0.74.1

First, download an install LAV Filters.

Download Link :

  • Open “LAV video configuration”

POTPLAYER 1.7 + LAV FILTERS_15-06-2019_19-46-29

  • Select “D3D11” as “Hardware decoder to use”.
  • Click “Apply” then “OK”.

POTPLAYER 1.7 + LAV FILTERS_15-06-2019_19-46-53

  • Open “Preferences”

POTPLAYER 1.7 + LAV FILTERS_15-06-2019_19-46-39

  • Click “Add registered filter

POTPLAYER 1.7 + LAV FILTERS_15-06-2019_19-47-06

  • Select “LAV Audio Decoder“.
  • click “OK”

POTPLAYER 1.7 + LAV FILTERS_15-06-2019_19-47-13

  • Select “LAV Audio Decoder” and set Priority as “Prefer

POTPLAYER 1.7 + LAV FILTERS_15-06-2019_19-47-20

  • Similarly add “LAV Splitter“,”LAV Splitter Source“, “LAV Video Decoder“.

POTPLAYER 1.7 + LAV FILTERS_15-06-2019_19-47-32

  • Set Priority as “Prefer” for “LAV Splitter”,”LAV Splitter Source”, “LAV Video Decoder”.
  • Click “Apply

POTPLAYER 1.7 + LAV FILTERS_15-06-2019_19-47-32 11


PotPlayer 1.7.18 – Basic Settings

Recommended settings for PotPlayer

OS : Windows 10 Pro x64

Software : PotPlayer 1.7.18958

  • Open “Preferences”

POTPLAYER 1.7_15-06-2019_10-27-20

  • Select “While Playing” as shown below.

POTPLAYER 1.7_15-06-2019_10-28-06

  • Select “Last used size” as “Windows size”

POTPLAYER 1.7_15-06-2019_10-28-24

  • Select “Fit to video aspect” as “Default Windows size”

POTPLAYER 1.7_15-06-2019_10-28-55

  • Tick “Adjust AR to Window Size

POTPLAYER 1.7_15-06-2019_10-29-30

  • You may select  “EVR Custom Present” as “Video Renderer”

POTPLAYER 1.7_15-06-2019_10-30-01

  • Select “Built-in WASAPI Audio Renderer” as “Audio Renderer”
  • Select “Same as input” as “Speakers”
  • Select “32-bit (floating point)” as shown below. ( Note : If you experience cracking of sound then revert to “16-bit” )

POTPLAYER 1.7_15-06-2019_19-48-25

  • Set “Volume steps” to “2”

POTPLAYER 1.7_15-06-2019_10-31-30


POTPLAYER 1.7_15-06-2019_10-31-51

  • To associate video files with PotPlayer click “Select Video Ext” and click “Apply to System

POTPLAYER 1.7_15-06-2019_10-32-36

  • Here you can save all custom settings as a new preset.
  • To Add new preset click “ADD

POTPLAYER 1.7_15-06-2019_10-36-23

  • Assign a name to the preset.
  • Click “Activate” to activate the preset.
  • Click “Apply” then “OK”

POTPLAYER 1.7_15-06-2019_10-36-46





First download and install LAV Filters

Download Link :

  • Open “LAV Video Configuration”

MPC-HC.1.8.6 LAV FILTERS_13-06-2019_21-02-18

  • Select “D3D11” as Hardware Decoder to use.
  • Click “Apply”, “OK”.

MPC-HC.1.8.6 LAV FILTERS_13-06-2019_21-02-41

  • Open “Options”

MPC-HC.1.8.6 LAV FILTERS_13-06-2019_21-03-44

  • Click “Add Filter

MPC-HC.1.8.6 LAV FILTERS_13-06-2019_21-03-55

  • Select “LAV Audio Deoder
  • Click “OK”


  • Select “Prefer

MPC-HC.1.8.6 LAV FILTERS_13-06-2019_21-04-03

  • Similarly, add other three LAV Filters namely, “LAV Splitter”, “LAV Splitter Source”,”LAV Video Decoder”

MPC-HC.1.8.6 LAV FILTERS_13-06-2019_21-04-09

  • Set “Prefer” for each one.
  • Click “Apply”, “OK”

MPC-HC.1.8.6 LAV FILTERS_13-06-2019_21-04-33

  • Using Windows 10 Task Manager you can see if GPU “Video decoder” is being used or not.

MPC-HC.1.8.6 LAV FILTERS_13-06-2019_21-05-35