Download Ninja – Internet Download Manager & Accelerator



  • Resume Downloads – Resume your downloads after stopping without having to restart them from the beginning
  • Download Accelerator – Increase download speeds by up to 10 times by using multiple simultaneous connections
  • Sequential File Writing – Unlike other download managers, Download Ninja downloads files from start to finish so you can begin to preview audio and video files before the download is complete
  • Audio / Video Downloader – Download video and audio files from popular media websites such as YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud (200+ websites in total)
  • Media Conversion – Convert media downloads from one file format to another or extract audio from video automatically when the download finishes.
  • Download Queues – Download queues give you fine grain control over when your downloads start and stop as well as scheduling and speed limiting
  • Schedule Downloads – Schedule a download queue to start or stop at a certain date and time or configure the downloads to start/stop at the same time every day
  • Speed Limiter – Limit the download speed of a single download, an entire queue or all Download Ninja downloads so that you can keep using the Internet while downloads are in progress
  • Connection Control – Control the number of simultaneous downloads and connections per download
  • Shred your downloaded files – Once you are finished with your downloaded files Download Ninja can shred both the data and the meta data ensuring that they can never be recovered, even using specialist recovery and forensic tools
  • Clipboard Monitoring – Download Ninja monitors your clipboard so to add a download all you have to do is right click and copy the link
  • Drag and Drop Support – Drop new links directly onto Download Ninja to add the new download
  • Login / Password Manager – Securely keep track of your various website logins so they are automatically set using our encrypted login manager
  • Proxy Support – Set Download Ninja to download files using proxy settings from Internet Explorer or specify your own proxy settings from within the program
  • Chrome / Firefox plugin – Download files and view and download audio and video files without leaving your browser
  • Download Groups – Define download groups so that new downloads are automatically downloaded to a specific folder based on file type or source website.
  • Refresh Address – Update expired download URLs after the download has begun without re-starting from the beginning
  • Download Summary – Keep an eye on running downloads with the floating download summary window



  • The main interface of Download Ninja

DOWNLOAD NINJA  002_03082014_004419


  • First time start of download ninja
  • Untick “Show this welcome window


DOWNLOAD NINJA  001_03082014_004401


  • Add a new download

DOWNLOAD NINJA  001_03082014_004916


  • Download in progress


DOWNLOAD NINJA  002_03082014_005152



  • DOWNLOAD NINJA  003_03082014_005156


    • Addon for google crome and other chrome based browser

    DOWNLOAD NINJA  003_03082014_004529





    • Addon for Firefox

    DOWNLOAD NINJA  004_03082014_004712


    • Detailed download progress

    DOWNLOAD NINJA  004_03082014_005314



    DOWNLOAD NINJA  005_03082014_005325



    DOWNLOAD NINJA  006_03082014_005714


    • Easily move download queue

    DOWNLOAD NINJA  007_03082014_005723


    • finished download

    DOWNLOAD NINJA  008_03082014_005924

    • Add video URL to download.


    DOWNLOAD NINJA  009_03082014_005940

    • Select the file with desired resolution and quality to download and click “QUICK ADD


    DOWNLOAD NINJA  010_03082014_010003


    • Video file download in progress


    DOWNLOAD NINJA  011_03082014_010025

    • Right click options


    DOWNLOAD NINJA  012_03082014_010109


    • download Properties

    DOWNLOAD NINJA  013_03082014_011039



    DOWNLOAD NINJA  014_03082014_011045



    DOWNLOAD NINJA  015_03082014_011051



    DOWNLOAD NINJA  SETTINGS 016_03082014_011120



    DOWNLOAD NINJA  SETTINGS 017_03082014_011124



    DOWNLOAD NINJA  SETTINGS 018_03082014_011139



    DOWNLOAD NINJA  SETTINGS 019_03082014_011145



    DOWNLOAD NINJA  SETTINGS 020_03082014_011152