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What to do after installation of Microsoft Windows 8.1 pro

  • This is the desktop you are presented with when you start windows 8.1


  • This is the metro style start screen of windows 8.1

WINDOWS 8.1_002_19102013_191504

WINDOWS 8.1_003_19102013_191514

  • Click on down arrow to get more applications

WINDOWS 8.1_004_19102013_191538

  • Here you can see all the applications installed

WINDOWS 8.1_005_19102013_191543

WINDOWS 8.1_006_19102013_191550

  • Click on “Customize”

WINDOWS 8.1_007_19102013_191719

  • Now you can give names to group of applications

WINDOWS 8.1_008_19102013_191726

  • microsoft name given to a group of applications

WINDOWS 8.1_009_19102013_191741

  • You may want to uninstall some metro applicative that you don’t use. to select applications that you want to uninstall right click on it. then click on “uninstall” below.

WINDOWS 8.1_002_19102013_192521

  • To resize the tiled application right click on it and click “resize”

WINDOWS 8.1_003_19102013_192544

  • select the new size.

WINDOWS 8.1_004_19102013_192555

  • the tiles application has been resized

WINDOWS 8.1_005_19102013_192600

  • You may want to turn off live tile because it uses internet bandwidth, especially if you don’t use metro applications.
  • Right click on the application and click “turn live tile off”

WINDOWS 8.1_006_19102013_192658

  • Store live tile is turned off

WINDOWS 8.1_007_19102013_192704

  • If you install application for desktop the those application tile icon would not appear in start screen.
  • To do so you need to select those application as shown below and click on “pin to start”

WINDOWS 8.1_002_19102013_200124

  • And you can see firefox tile icon in start screen

WINDOWS 8.1_003_19102013_200129

  • Similarly you need to do with other desktop application installed

WINDOWS 8.1_004_19102013_200153

WINDOWS 8.1_005_19102013_200158

  • Start control panel

WINDOWS 8.1_006_19102013_200314

WINDOWS 8.1_007_19102013_200329

WINDOWS 8.1_008_19102013_200337

  • Click on system to get system info

WINDOWS 8.1_009_19102013_200504

  • Click on advanced system settings

WINDOWS 8.1_010_19102013_200528

  • To increase the security untick “Allow remote assistance to this computer”

WINDOWS 8.1_011_19102013_200637