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Baidu Cleaner : Cloud based system & registry cleaner , uninstaller, system repair tool, plus more tools

Ultra-clean Cloud Technology

Our cloud technology offers unique cleaning solutions for 5,000 of the world’s most popular programs, and can target more than 10,000 cleaning points in your computer.

Full Clean

Perform an all-around check in just one click. The “Full Scan” feature of Baidu Cleaner can detect all your PC’s problems in a single click, including junk files, privacy-related problems, startup items and malicious plug-ins.

Powerful PC Maintenance

Detect your PC’s problems intelligently in real-time, and be reminded when it’s time to fix a specific issue. It’s the smart PC assistant you deserve.

Software Uninstaller

Auto-detect bundled and/or malicious software, and completely remove it in seconds. Easily manage all of your installed programs, and keep your PC ultra-clean.

Startup Manager

Baidu Cleaner’s “Startup Manager” feature detects all auto-start items on your PC, and allows you to easily turn them off or on to improve your boot time and overall computer performance.

System Repair

Baidu Cleaner’s “System Repair” feature tells you the current status of your Internet connection, operating system and startup programs, and can even scan for viruses to help you fix any existing problems and speed up your PC.


DOWNLAD LINK :  http://cleaner.baidu.com/en/


System and registry cleaning capability is good. More improvements can be done.

BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-48-34

  • Realtime monitoring

BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-48-52


  • More free tools can be installed




BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-48-58

  • Full clean has detected many junk files

BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-49-19


BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-49-36


BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-51-46

  • I am not happy with Startup cleaner.
  • it has flagged useful application to be disabled from auto-starting. this is not good. user will have to be careful which application is being disabled from startup entry.

BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-52-32


BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-53-01

  • Software uninstaller tool

BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-53-24

  • more tools can be installed by clicking on it.
  • System repair tool is very helpful

BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-56-24

Startup Manager Tool

  • Be very careful while using it.
  • If you are not sure what you are doing then don’t use this tool










  • This is a very usefful cloud based tool
  • It can be used to repair the system settings that has been altered by accident or by malwares
  • It can also detect & remove malwares running in the system or malwares installed in the system. It can detect & remove the startup entries of malwares.

BAIDU CLEANER 6 SYSTEM REPAIR_11-05-2015_23-59-41


BAIDU CLEANER 6 SYSTEM REPAIR_12-05-2015_00-00-20


BAIDU CLEANER 6 SYSTEM REPAIR_12-05-2015_00-02-47









Glary Utilities 4 pro review + license

 Glary Utilities Pro 4.x

  • Provides a one-stop solution for PC performance optimization
  • Boosts PC speed and fixes frustrating errors, crashes and freezes
  • Features one-click functionality and easy, automated options
  • Protects your privacy and makes your computer faster and cleaner

 Glary utilities pro 4.x license key1788-6167-9583-4282

Download Glary Utilities Pro

GLARY UTILITIES 4_001_28022014_212621

GLARY UTILITIES 4_002_28022014_212648

  • Registry repair

GLARY UTILITIES 4_003_28022014_212817

  • registry deep scan

GLARY UTILITIES 4_004_28022014_213155

  • registry defrag

GLARY UTILITIES 4_005_28022014_213306

  • Disk cleanup

GLARY UTILITIES 4_006_28022014_213352

  • Find duplicate files

GLARY UTILITIES 4_007_28022014_213433

  • Select the “file types” that you want to search.

GLARY UTILITIES 4_008_28022014_213440

GLARY UTILITIES 4_009_28022014_213443

GLARY UTILITIES 4_010_28022014_213456

  • Found duplicate image files

GLARY UTILITIES 4_011_28022014_213508

  • Find empty folders

GLARY UTILITIES 4_012_28022014_213604

GLARY UTILITIES 4_013_28022014_213635

  • Disk space analyser

GLARY UTILITIES 4_014_28022014_213726

  • Memory optimizer

GLARY UTILITIES 4_015_28022014_213737

GLARY UTILITIES 4_016_28022014_213740

  • Web browser addon

GLARY UTILITIES 4_017_28022014_213752

GLARY UTILITIES 4_018_28022014_213801

  • Malware Remover

GLARY UTILITIES 4_019_28022014_213823

  • Privacy track eraser

GLARY UTILITIES 4_020_28022014_213833

  • File shredder

GLARY UTILITIES 4_021_28022014_213841

  • Wipe free space

GLARY UTILITIES 4_022_28022014_213845

  • Encrypt file

GLARY UTILITIES 4_023_28022014_213855

  • File Decrypt

GLARY UTILITIES 4_024_28022014_213858

  • Startup manager

GLARY UTILITIES 4_025_28022014_213907

  • Disk defrag

GLARY UTILITIES 4_026_28022014_214042

GLARY UTILITIES 4_027_28022014_214046

GLARY UTILITIES 4_028_28022014_214053

  • Disk defrag Options

GLARY UTILITIES 4_029_28022014_214101

GLARY UTILITIES 4_030_28022014_214104

GLARY UTILITIES 4_031_28022014_214107

GLARY UTILITIES 4_032_28022014_214110

GLARY UTILITIES 4_033_28022014_214113

GLARY UTILITIES 4_034_28022014_214116

GLARY UTILITIES 4_035_28022014_214119

  • Check disk for error

GLARY UTILITIES 4_036_28022014_214136

  • Driver manager

GLARY UTILITIES 4_037_28022014_214155

  • File splitter

GLARY UTILITIES 4_038_28022014_214208

GLARY UTILITIES 4_039_28022014_214211

  • File undelete

GLARY UTILITIES 4_040_28022014_214255

GLARY UTILITIES 4_041_28022014_214305

GLARY UTILITIES 4_042_28022014_214324

GLARY UTILITIES 4_043_28022014_214341

Baidu PC Faster 4 – Advanced Optimization & Security Software

Baidu PC Faster 4 is China based company.


  • Junk files cleaner
  • Privacy Cleaner
  • Registry Cleaner
  • Plugin Cleaner
  • Control Startup item/Application services/Windows services
  • Virus scan
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Internet speed test
  • Browser Protection
  • Internet repair
  • LSP Repair
  • Facebook Repair
  • Flash Player Repair
  • File Shredder
  • File Recovery
  • Right Click Menu manager
  • Application store
  • Application uninstaller
  • Application updater
  • Game faster

DOWNLOAD Baidu PC Faster



  • This is the desktop widget

BAIDU PC FASTER 4_001_17012014_162453

  • The main interface of Baidu PC Faster


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_002_17012014_162517


  • One Click Optimization scan

BAIDU PC FASTER 4_003_17012014_162558


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_004_17012014_162650


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_005_17012014_162828




BAIDU PC FASTER 4_006_17012014_162837


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_007_17012014_162849


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_008_17012014_162857


  • Plugin Cleaner can be very helpful in removing malicious plugins

BAIDU PC FASTER 4_009_17012014_162927


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_010_17012014_163002


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_011_17012014_163010

  • Careful while disabling app services


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_012_17012014_163024

  • I recommend that you do not disable any windows services


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_013_17012014_163031


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_014_17012014_163036


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_015_17012014_163109


  • Cloud Scan

BAIDU PC FASTER 4_016_17012014_163140


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_017_17012014_163213


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_018_17012014_163219


  • Toolbox.

BAIDU PC FASTER 4_019_17012014_163224


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_020_17012014_163425


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_021_17012014_163443


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_023_17012014_163535


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_024_17012014_163610


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_025_17012014_163625


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_026_17012014_163653


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_027_17012014_163702


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_028_17012014_163726


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_029_17012014_163734


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_030_17012014_163759


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_031_17012014_163812



BAIDU PC FASTER 4_032_17012014_163840


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_033_17012014_163855


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_034_17012014_163922


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_035_17012014_163926


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_036_17012014_164632


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_037_17012014_164642


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_038_17012014_164711


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_039_17012014_164745



BAIDU PC FASTER 4_040_17012014_164749



BAIDU PC FASTER 4_041_17012014_165103


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_042_17012014_165109

  • Settings


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_043_17012014_165144


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_044_17012014_165150


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_045_17012014_165155


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_046_17012014_165158


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_047_17012014_165201


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_048_17012014_165204


BAIDU PC FASTER 4_049_17012014_165207