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Baidu WiFi Hotspot

Baidu Wifi Hotspot

Easily create a wifi hotspot so share internet connection using wireless WIFI

Very easy to use

You can share you internet connection that you get from WiFi, LAN, 2G, 3G, 4G, DSL



BAIDU WIFI HOTSPOT 5.1 SCREENSHOT_16-05-2015_17-44-59


BAIDU WIFI HOTSPOT 5.1 SCREENSHOT_16-05-2015_17-50-09



  • You can assign WiFi name you want
  • You can assign a password which will be required to connect to this wifi hotspot.




Baidu Cleaner : Cloud based system & registry cleaner , uninstaller, system repair tool, plus more tools

Ultra-clean Cloud Technology

Our cloud technology offers unique cleaning solutions for 5,000 of the world’s most popular programs, and can target more than 10,000 cleaning points in your computer.

Full Clean

Perform an all-around check in just one click. The “Full Scan” feature of Baidu Cleaner can detect all your PC’s problems in a single click, including junk files, privacy-related problems, startup items and malicious plug-ins.

Powerful PC Maintenance

Detect your PC’s problems intelligently in real-time, and be reminded when it’s time to fix a specific issue. It’s the smart PC assistant you deserve.

Software Uninstaller

Auto-detect bundled and/or malicious software, and completely remove it in seconds. Easily manage all of your installed programs, and keep your PC ultra-clean.

Startup Manager

Baidu Cleaner’s “Startup Manager” feature detects all auto-start items on your PC, and allows you to easily turn them off or on to improve your boot time and overall computer performance.

System Repair

Baidu Cleaner’s “System Repair” feature tells you the current status of your Internet connection, operating system and startup programs, and can even scan for viruses to help you fix any existing problems and speed up your PC.


DOWNLAD LINK :  http://cleaner.baidu.com/en/


System and registry cleaning capability is good. More improvements can be done.

BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-48-34

  • Realtime monitoring

BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-48-52


  • More free tools can be installed




BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-48-58

  • Full clean has detected many junk files

BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-49-19


BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-49-36


BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-51-46

  • I am not happy with Startup cleaner.
  • it has flagged useful application to be disabled from auto-starting. this is not good. user will have to be careful which application is being disabled from startup entry.

BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-52-32


BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-53-01

  • Software uninstaller tool

BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-53-24

  • more tools can be installed by clicking on it.
  • System repair tool is very helpful

BAIDU CLEANER 6_11-05-2015_23-56-24

Startup Manager Tool

  • Be very careful while using it.
  • If you are not sure what you are doing then don’t use this tool










  • This is a very usefful cloud based tool
  • It can be used to repair the system settings that has been altered by accident or by malwares
  • It can also detect & remove malwares running in the system or malwares installed in the system. It can detect & remove the startup entries of malwares.

BAIDU CLEANER 6 SYSTEM REPAIR_11-05-2015_23-59-41


BAIDU CLEANER 6 SYSTEM REPAIR_12-05-2015_00-00-20


BAIDU CLEANER 6 SYSTEM REPAIR_12-05-2015_00-02-47









MHotspot – share your internet connection through wifi

Mhotspot is a free-software(with-out installation)that converts your wifi enabled LAPTOP/PC running windows OS into a virtual wifi hotspot and share your internet through wifi to other laptops, smartphones,PDA’s,Tablet-PCs or any other wifi devices. Features: The best part in mhotspot is,it’s free and easy to use,need not to install the software. Any no. of devices can be connected to the created virtual hotspot. It’s simplest user interface differentiates it from the rest. Even the ANDROID and SMART PHONES without any further modifications into them, can access the wifi internet. Even simpler mobile phones with wifi connectivity can access wifi internet because of the “ACCESS POINT-SCHEMA” used in the software.

Through wifi you can share internet upto range of 50 meter. Get a high speed internet connection in one computer and share that internet with  your friends, family, neighbours. You alone may not be able to pay for high speed internet connection but if a group of people gets united and buy a high speed connection then share it among themselves using wifi then it saves money and each one of them gets high bandwidth internet connection.

Supported OS – Windows 7/8/8.1




Make sure wifi adaptor is enabled. Make sure windows firewall service is started.

  • Make sure that in IP4 setting for the Wifi adaptor  “Obtain IP address automatically” and “obtain DNS server automatically ” is selected.
  • Run the mhotspot software.
  • Give a Hotspot name which other users will see as wifi hotspot .
  • Enter password which will be required to connect to your hotspot.
  • In “Inernet Source: ” select the network adaptor from which your computer is connected to the internet. In my case I am connected to internet through “broadband connection“. It can be LAN, USB broadband , DSL
 MHOTSPOT  001_02082014_010513
  • Click “Start Hotspot” to start sharing internet connection through wifi.
MHOTSPOT  003_02082014_010710
  • mHotspot settings
MHOTSPOT  002_02082014_010533
  • Now other users can connect to Wireless access point named “Internet Hotspot” and get access to internet.


  • In my case my computer connected to internet using “Broadband connection” and created a WiFi hot spot named “Internet hotspot” using interface name “local Area connection* 36 ” .
  • You can see below that “Local area connection 36” is the new wifi hotspot connection.
  • You will something similar in your computer

MHOTSPOT  004_02082014_011719


  • If hotspot is still not working then right click on the interface through which your computer is connected to internet.
  • In my case “Broadband connection
  • Select “properties


MHOTSPOT  005_02082014_011846

  • In “sharing” tab tick “allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection“. Select the newly created virtual network adapter in “home networking connection“. In my case “local area connection 36“.
  • Click “OK

MHOTSPOT  006_02082014_011906


  • Now other users will be able to access internet through wifi hotspot.