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BullGuard Internet Security 2014 – review

BullGuard Internet Security 2014 is UK based security product which uses bitdefender antivirus engine.

It detects virus, malwares, rootkits and spywares. It virus detection rate is very high.

It has good behaviourial based detection of new unknown malwares.

It has firewall that protects from network originated attacks. firewall can take most of the decision itself. But sometimes it will ask the user to take decisions.

Web browsing protection blocks malicious web sites.

Addition features are spamfilter, 5 GB online backup, PC tuneup which removes unnecessary files.

It has vulnerability scanner which detects outdated software that can be explited by hackers and viruses.

It has a very good parental control which blocks unwanted websites. It can blocks the internet access at specified time of the day. It can block access to specified application.

RAM usage is low .

It lacks online shopping and banking protection. There is no cloud based detection. Apart from malware bullguard is bad on detecting adwares and unwanted softwares.

DOWNLOAD BullGuard Internet Security 2014




  • To install bullguard you need live Internet connection. You can expect around 20 MB of setup file.

BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_001_24102013_143905

BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_002_24102013_144431

BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_003_24102013_144515

  • After installation bullguard needs to update the virus definition. You can expect about 200 MB update .

BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_004_24102013_145729

  • If there is some issues then bullguard will show this windows when you open bullguard. This is not good.

BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_001_24102013_162737

  • this is the new interface of bullguard internet security 2014

BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_002_24102013_162808

  • manual scan types

BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_003_24102013_162855

  • firewall

BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_004_24102013_162918

  • Online backup

BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_005_24102013_162927

  • parental control

BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_006_24102013_162950

  • You need to give online account password to access parental control.

BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_007_24102013_162959

  • parental control can be set for each Windows user account.
  • Web filter has wide category of websites

BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_008_24102013_163157

BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_009_24102013_163240

BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_010_24102013_163247

BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_011_24102013_163253


BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_012_24102013_163650

  • You need to click on “Advanced” to get detailed settings

BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_013_24102013_163719 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_014_24102013_163725 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_015_24102013_163731 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_016_24102013_163742 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_017_24102013_163747 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_018_24102013_163750 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_019_24102013_163756 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_020_24102013_163802 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_021_24102013_163805 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_022_24102013_163820 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_023_24102013_163837 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_024_24102013_163841 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_025_24102013_163843 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_026_24102013_163846 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_027_24102013_163851 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_028_24102013_163854 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_029_24102013_163858 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_030_24102013_163901 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_031_24102013_163904 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_032_24102013_163907 BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY 2014_033_24102013_163911

Avast Free Antivirus 2014 (v9) – Review

Avast Free Antivirus 2014 ( version 9) is the newest build from avast. Avast belong to country Czech Republic.

The interface for avast has been changed. Inspired by Windows 8 metro theme.

Avast provides protection from malwares along with protection from spyware and rootkits. It also blocks malicious websites.

Avast malware detection rate is very good . It has a good behavior based detection. Low false positive. Web protection is also good.

It lacks firewall, anti-spam and web filter. Online banking and shopping protection is missing.

Still good for most users who are looking for free security product. Recommended for most user who are looking for free antivirus.

Easy to use

Avast has a lot of settings that can be done.

RAM usage is  low so interface responds quick.

Daily Virus definition updates are small in size.

Overall very good level of protection

DOWNLOAD Avast Free Antivirus 2014


  • Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1
  • Installation is fast and easy

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_001_16102013_234827

  • through custom installation you may choose which component to install or not to install.

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_002_16102013_234843

  • This is the new main interface of avast. Online registering will be required for using it.

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_003_16102013_235149

  • Online registration is fast and easy.

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_004_16102013_235401

  • After registration click “stay with basic protection”.

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_005_16102013_235430

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_006_16102013_235437

  • manual scanning module

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_007_16102013_235500

  • choose what type of manual scan you want to do.

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_008_16102013_235505

  • under Tools menu there are various components

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_009_16102013_235529

  • Software updater is a useful tool. It scans the computer and tells which of the installed softwre  is outdated. It offers update button which can be used to download latest version of the software.
  • Automatic update is not available in free version. It is available in paid version.

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_010_16102013_235538

  • Browser cleanup is helpful tool to remove unwanted browser extensions.

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_011_16102013_235607

  • You should not remove all the extension but only those that are not required.

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_012_16102013_235627

  • bootable rescue disk creation tool.

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_013_16102013_235924

  • help tools

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_014_17102013_000014

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_015_17102013_000017 AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_016_17102013_000022

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_017_17102013_000027

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_018_17102013_000039

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_019_17102013_000047

  • Statistics shows your computer data and golbal data collected by avast.

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_020_17102013_000108

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_021_17102013_000136 AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_022_17102013_000140

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_023_17102013_000148

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_024_17102013_000153

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_025_17102013_000224

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_026_17102013_000232

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_027_17102013_000249

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_028_17102013_000255

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_029_17102013_000332

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_030_17102013_000352

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_031_17102013_000420


AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_032_17102013_000528

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_033_17102013_000535

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_034_17102013_000541

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_035_17102013_000549

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_036_17102013_000557

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_037_17102013_000600

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_038_17102013_000603

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_039_17102013_000606

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_040_17102013_000608

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_041_17102013_000611

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_042_17102013_000615

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_043_17102013_000618

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_044_17102013_000620

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_045_17102013_000623

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_046_17102013_000628

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_047_17102013_000631

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_048_17102013_000634

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_049_17102013_000636

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_050_17102013_000640

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_051_17102013_000643

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_052_17102013_000646

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_053_17102013_000650

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_054_17102013_000653

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_055_17102013_000656

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_056_17102013_000659

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_057_17102013_000702

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_058_17102013_000705

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_059_17102013_000708

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_060_17102013_000711

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_061_17102013_000714

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_062_17102013_000716

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_063_17102013_000723

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_064_17102013_000728

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_065_17102013_000735

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_066_17102013_000738

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_067_17102013_000744

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_068_17102013_000748

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_069_17102013_000753

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_070_17102013_000756

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_071_17102013_000801

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_072_17102013_000806

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_073_17102013_000812

AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_074_17102013_000816

AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014 (v14) – Review

AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014 is the latest build from Avira. Avira company is from Germany.

They have improved some of the features and removed annoying messages popups.

Avira is light on system resources.

Avira web protection is not that good. So malicious url will not be blocked effectively.

Avira malware detection rate is very good. behavior based detection of unknown malwares needs improvement.

Avira RAM usage is low.

It lacks antispam, web filter,


  • Advanced Real-Time Protection – Avira’s innovative detection technology
  • Website Safety Advisor – Clear safety ratings for your search results*
  • AntiAd/AntiSpyware – Blocks Adware programs and online snoops
  • Browser Tracking Blocker – Using the Search Free Toolbar prevents others from recording your online habits*

*This feature is included in the Avira Search Free Toolbar. So you need to have avira toolbar installed


Before you install Avira Free Antivirus, please verify that your
system meets these minimum specifications:

Operating Systems:

Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Windows XP SP3 (32-bit)
Windows XP SP2 (64-bit)


Pentium or later 1GHz minimum


Min. 1024 MB RAM (Windows 7)
Min. 512 MB RAM (Windows XP)

Hard Disk:

150 MB available disk space (additional temporary and quarantine space needed)


Administrator rights, an Internet connection and a web browser are required during installation.



AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_001_16102013_082641 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_002_16102013_082649 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_003_16102013_082654 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_004_16102013_082709 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_005_16102013_082834 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_006_16102013_082838 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_007_16102013_082841 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_008_16102013_082845


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_009_16102013_082859


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_010_16102013_083001 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_011_16102013_083012


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_012_16102013_083022


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_013_16102013_083149


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_014_16102013_083153


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_015_16102013_083200


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_016_16102013_083204


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_017_16102013_083208 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_018_16102013_083213 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_019_16102013_083216 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_020_16102013_083228 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_021_16102013_083231


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_022_16102013_083322


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_023_16102013_083327


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_024_16102013_083332


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_025_16102013_083338


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_026_16102013_083349


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_027_16102013_083353

AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_028_16102013_083359 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_029_16102013_083402


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_030_16102013_083411 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_031_16102013_083414 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_032_16102013_083418 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_033_16102013_083421 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_034_16102013_083424


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_035_16102013_083430

AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_036_16102013_083434 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_037_16102013_083437


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_038_16102013_083441 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_039_16102013_083444 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_040_16102013_083447 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_041_16102013_083450


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_042_16102013_083456 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_043_16102013_083459 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_044_16102013_083501 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_045_16102013_083504 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_046_16102013_083511 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_047_16102013_083514


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_048_16102013_083518


AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_049_16102013_083521 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_050_16102013_083524 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_051_16102013_083527 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_052_16102013_083530 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_053_16102013_083532 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_054_16102013_083535 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_055_16102013_083537 AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014_056_16102013_083540

Bitdefender Internet Security 2014

Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 is with a non-intrusive and extremely fast scanning technology, it offers enhanced silent security against e-threats.

Bitdefender is a romania based computer security company.

Bitdefender malware detection rate is very good. Also malicious website detection rate is very good.

proactive protection from unknown malware is also very good. This feature the cpu usage to rise to detect unknown malware. But bitdefender successfully suppresses malicious activity by new malwares.

The interface response is fast. RAM usage is low. But may increase in parental control feature is used. Photon technology is really good and effective which tries to minimize the slowdown caused by Bitdefender.

Very user friendly. Anyone can use.


  • Active Virus Control –  Active Virus Control is a proactive, dynamic detection technology. It monitors processes’ behavior in real time, as they are running, and tags suspicious activities.
  • Extremely fast. Non-intrusive. With Bitdefender Photon – Experience the antivirus at an incredible speed, without slowdowns! Bitdefender Photon™ is an innovative antivirus technology that eliminates slowdowns and accelerates scanning speed by gradually adapting to your PC.
  • Two-way Firewall – The two-way firewall continuously monitors your Internet connections and prevents unauthorized access, even over a Wi-Fi network
  • Remote Management –  Remotely scan and fix security issues on all of your Bitdefender-protected devices from anywhere, using MyBitdefender.
  • Social Network Protection – Bitdefender Safego™ filters/blocks social-networking specific e-threats by scanning links you receive from your Facebook friends, monitors your privacy settings, and much more!
  • Antiphishing –  Analyzes and blocks websites that support various scams or credit card phishing attempts.
  • Rescue Mode –  If e-threats, such as rootkits, cannot be removed from within the Windows operating system, the computer is re-booted in Rescue mode — a trusted environment which is then used for cleanup and restoration.
  • Security Widget –  Enables you to keep track of all of your security-related tasks, plus lets you quickly and easily drag-and-drop files for quick scanning for viruses – right from your desktop!
  • USB Immunizer –  Immunizes any Flash Drive from viruses when they’re connected to your computer so you never worry again about USBs infecting you or your friends.
  • Chat Encryption –  Keeps your conversations private on Yahoo! Messenger
  • Vulnerability Scanner –  The vulnerability scanner checks for missing or outdated security software, missing Windows security patches, and potentially unsafe system settings.
  • Bitdefender Autopilot – No interruptions. No questions. Bitdefender can handle security-related decisions automatically, without requiring input from you.
  • New Wallet –  Bitdefender now introduces a fully-fledged Wallet, which allows you to quickly access your sensitive credentials, and the autofill feature even automatically recalls them to you save time.
  • Enhanced Antispam –  Bitdefender has elevated its antispam technology to full Cloud, resulting in no impact on performance, even better detection rates, and a very small footprint on disk.
  • Enhanced Parental Controls  –  The Parental Control technology has been redesigned to include complete coverage on all Windows environments, a cooler user experience and more details and options for privacy checks on Facebook.
  • Enhanced Bitdefender Safepay – All your online banking and e-shopping transactions will be secured. Additionally, you will have your sensitive credentials safely within your reach.
  • Personal Data Filter –  Prevents critical data (such as anything even resembling your social security number) from ever leaving your computer.
  • File Shredder –  Ensures that no traces of your deleted sensitive files remain on your PC


  • Minimum system requirements:

    • Operating System: Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (32 bit), Microsoft Windows 7(SP1), Microsoft Windows 8
    • CPU: 800MHz processor
    • Memory (RAM): 1 GB, 2GB (Microsoft Windows 8)
    • Available free hard disk space: 1.8 GB free space (at least 800 MB on the system drive)
  • Recommended system requirements:

    • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 x86, Vista (SP2), Microsoft Windows 7(SP1), Microsoft Windows 8
    • CPU: Intel CORE 2 Duo (1.66 GHz) or equivalent processor
    • Memory (RAM): 1 GB (Microsoft Windows XP), 1.5 GB (Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7) 2.5 GB (Microsoft Windows 8)
    • Available free hard disk space: 2 GB free space (at least 800 MB on hard system drive)
  • Software requirements:

    • Internet Explorer 8 and higher
    • .Net framework 3.5
  • Supports/Integrates with:

    • Yahoo Messenger 8.1 and higher
    • Firefox 3.6 and higher
    • Chrome 17.0.963.56 and higher
    • Thunderbird 3.0.4 and higher
    • Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013

DOWNLOAD Bitdefender Internet Security 2014

Bitdefender Internet Security 2014  (32 bit)

Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 (64 bit)


  • During installation bitdefender will ask for permission to download latest files. If you have very fast internet connection then click “yes” otherwise “no“.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014_001_03072013_031519

  • Click “install“.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014_002_03072013_031642

  • Installation in progress

BITDEFENDER IS 2014_003_03072013_031806


  • Bitdefender main interface showing antivirus, privacy, firewall & update module.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_001_07072013_011319

  • You may slide the bar the small bar to see other modules of bitdefender.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_002_07072013_011413

  • Below showing antispam, safego, parental control & wallet module.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_003_07072013_011418

  • Scan now dropdown menu shows various scan options.
  • System scan do full system scan.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_004_07072013_011609

  • Manage scan option lets you create custom scans.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 MORE_002_07072013_222119 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 MORE_003_07072013_222149 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 MORE_004_07072013_222203 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 MORE_005_07072013_222214 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 MORE_006_07072013_222224 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 MORE_007_07072013_222246 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 MORE_008_07072013_222249 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 MORE_009_07072013_222251 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 MORE_010_07072013_222259


BITDEFENDER IS 2014 MORE_011_07072013_224614 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 MORE_012_07072013_224634

  • Choose what should be done with detected files.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 MORE_013_07072013_224643 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 MORE_014_07072013_224651 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 MORE_015_07072013_224705

  • You can turn ON/OFF antivirus module.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_005_07072013_011622

  • Click on setting icon as shown below to open antivirus settings.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_006_07072013_011628

  • Antivirus settings.
  • Default settings are good. You can change the antivirus protection level by sliding the vertical bar. If you want increased protection then move slider to “Aggressive“.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_007_07072013_011634

  • Click on “Custom” to do custom settings. You can set Bitdefender to scan all accessed files or applications (program files) only. Scanning all accessed files provides best protection, while scanning applications only can be used for better system performance.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_008_07072013_011752

  • By default archives are not scanned. But you may turn it ON by ticking “Scan inside archives“.
  • Scanning inside archives is a slow and resource-intensive process, which is therefore not recommended for real-time protection. Archives containing infected files are not an immediate threat to the security of your system. The malware can affect your system only if the infected file is extracted from the archive and executed without having real-time protection enabled.If you decide on using this option, you can set a maximum accepted size limit of archives to be scanned on-access. Select the corresponding check box and type the maximum archive size (in MB).

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_009_07072013_011759

  • To prevent malware from being downloaded to your computer, Bitdefender automatically scans the following malware entry points:
    • incoming and outgoing e-mails
    • web traffic
    • files received via Yahoo! Messenger

    Scanning the web traffic may slow down web browsing a little, but it will block malware coming from the Internet, including drive-by downloads.

    Though not recommended, you can disable e-mail, web or instant messaging antivirus scan to increase system performance. If you disable the corresponding scan options, the e-mails and files received or downloaded from the Internet will not be scanned, thus allowing infected files to be saved to your computer. This is not a major threat because real-time protection will block the malware when the infected files are accessed (opened, moved, copied or executed).

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_010_07072013_011802

  • Scan boot sectors.  You can set Bitdefender to scan the boot sectors of your hard disk. This sector of the hard disk contains the necessary computer code to start the boot process. When a virus infects the boot sector, the drive may become inaccessible and you may not be able to start your system and access your data.

  • Scan only new and changed files.  By scanning only new and changed files, you may greatly improve overall system responsiveness with a minimum trade-off in security.

  • Scan for keyloggers.  Select this option to scan your system for keylogger applications. Keyloggers record what you type on your keyboard and send reports over the Internet to a malicious person (hacker). The hacker can find out sensitive information from the stolen data, such as bank account numbers and passwords, and use it to gain personal benefits.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_011_07072013_011805

Bitdefender will take the recommended actions depending on the type of detected file:

  • Infected files.  Files detected as infected match a malware signature in the Bitdefender Malware Signature Database. Bitdefender will automatically attempt to remove the malware code from the infected file and reconstruct the original file. This operation is referred to as disinfection. Files that cannot be disinfected are moved to quarantine in order to contain the infection. Quarantined files cannot be executed or opened; therefore, the risk of getting infected disappears.
  • Suspicious files.  Files are detected as suspicious by the heuristic analysis. Suspicious files cannot be disinfected, because no disinfection routine is available. They will be moved to quarantine to prevent a potential infection.

    By default, quarantined files are automatically sent to Bitdefender Labs in order to be analyzed by the Bitdefender malware researchers. If malware presence is confirmed, a signature is released to allow removing the malware.

  • Archives containing infected files. 

    • Archives that contain only infected files are deleted automatically.
    • If an archive contains both infected and clean files, Bitdefender will attempt to delete the infected files provided it can reconstruct the archive with the clean files. If archive reconstruction is not possible, you will be informed that no action can be taken so as to avoid losing clean files.
Move files to quarantine
Moves detected files to quarantine. Quarantined files cannot be executed or opened; therefore, the risk of getting infected disappears.
Deny access
In case an infected file is detected, the access to this will be denied.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_012_07072013_011809

  • Many forms of malware are designed to infect systems by exploiting their vulnerabilities, such as missing operating system updates or outdated applications. Bitdefender helps you easily identify and fix system vulnerabilities in order to make your computer more secure against malware and hackers.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_013_07072013_011930

  • Bitdefender allows excluding specific files, folders or file extensions from scanning. This feature is intended to avoid interference with your work and it can also help improve system performance. Exclusions are to be used by users having advanced computer knowledge or, otherwise, following the recommendations of a Bitdefender representative.You can configure exclusions to apply to on-access or on-demand scanning only, or to both. The objects excluded from on-access scanning will not be scanned, no matter if they are accessed by you or by an application.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_014_07072013_011943

  • Turn “ON”.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_015_07072013_012000

  • Excludes files & folders from being scanned. Click “Add” to add files/folder.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_016_07072013_012011

  • Browse the folder.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_017_07072013_012042

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_018_07072013_012048

  • Exclude files with certain extensions from being scanned.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_019_07072013_012055

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_020_07072013_012103

  • Type in the extensions and click “add”.

  BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_022_07072013_012142

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_023_07072013_012145

  • Excludes processes from being scanned.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_024_07072013_012153 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_025_07072013_012159 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_026_07072013_012203 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_027_07072013_012226 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_028_07072013_012235

  • Settings for scanning CD/DVD, USB devices and network drives.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_029_07072013_012245

  • Quarantined files.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_030_07072013_012258

  • file shredder – permanently erases files and their traces from your computer.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_031_07072013_012331

  • Add files & folders that you want to shred.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_032_07072013_012337

  • Click next.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_033_07072013_012415

  • Folders and files in it deleted.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_034_07072013_012430

  • Privacy settings.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_035_07072013_012446

  • Antiphishing feature.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_036_07072013_012455

  • Whitelisting a website.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_037_07072013_012508 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_038_07072013_012518

The contents of your instant messages should remain between you and your chat partner. By encrypting your conversations, you can make sure anyone trying to intercept them on their way to and from your contacts will not be able to read their contents.

By default, Bitdefender encrypts all your instant messaging chat sessions provided that:

  • Your chat partner has a Bitdefender product installed that supports Chat Encryption and Chat Encryption is enabled for the instant messaging application used for chatting.
  • You and your chat partner use Yahoo! Messenger.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_039_07072013_012529

Whether it is your e-mail or your credit card number, when they fall into the wrong hands such information may cause you damage: you may find yourself drowning in spam messages or you might be surprised to access an emptied account.

Based on the rules you create, Data Protection scans the web, e-mail and instant messaging traffic leaving your computer for specific character strings (for example, your credit card number). If there is a match, the respective web page, e-mail or instant message is blocked.

You can create rules to protect any piece of information you might consider personal or confidential, from your phone number or e-mail address to your bank account information. Multiuser support is provided so that users logging on to different Windows user accounts can configure and use their own rules. If your Windows account is an administrator account, the rules you create can be configured to also apply when other users of the computer are logged on to their Windows user accounts.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_040_07072013_012536

  • Turn ON Data Protection feature. Click “Add rule” to add data that will be protected.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_041_07072013_012542

  • Rule creation wizard.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_042_07072013_012617

  • Various data types that can be added.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_043_07072013_012657

  • Example showing email data being added.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_044_07072013_012752

  • more rule settings.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_045_07072013_012802 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_046_07072013_012813

  • The Firewall protects your computer from inbound and outbound unauthorized connection attempts, both on local networks and on the Internet. It is quite similar to a guard at your gate – it keeps track of connection attempts and decides which to allow and which to block.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_047_07072013_013406

  • Click manage adapter to see network activity and do adapter setting.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_048_07072013_013416

Network Type – the type of network your computer is connected to. Bitdefender applies a basic set of firewall settings depending on the type of network you are connected to.

You can change the type by opening the Network Type drop-down menu and selecting one of the available types from the list.

Network Type Description
Trusted Disable the firewall for the respective adapter.
Home/Office Allow all traffic between your computer and computers in the local network.
Public All traffic is filtered.
Untrusted Completely block network and Internet traffic through the respective adapter.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_049_07072013_013422

Stealth Mode – whether you can be detected by other computers.

To configure the Stealth Mode, select the desired option from the corresponding drop-down menu.

Stealth option Description
On Stealth Mode is on. Your computer is invisible from both the local network and the Internet.
Off Stealth Mode is off. Anyone from the local network or the Internet can ping and detect your computer.
Remote Your computer cannot be detected from the Internet. Local network users can ping and detect your computer.

Generic – whether generic rules are applied to this connection.If the IP address of a network adapter is changed, Bitdefender modifies the network type accordingly. If you want to keep the same type, select Yes from the corresponding drop-down menu.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_050_07072013_013427

  • Firewall settings

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_051_07072013_013528

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_052_07072013_013533

General Rules
Rules that determine the protocols over which communication is allowed.

A default set of rules that provides an optimal protection is used. You can edit the rules by allowing or denying connections over certain protocols.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_053_07072013_013601

Application Rules
Rules that determine how each application can access network resources and the Internet.

Under normal conditions, Bitdefender automatically creates a rule whenever an application tries to access the Internet. You can also manually add or edit rules for applications.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_054_07072013_013618

Adapter Rules
Rules that determine whether your computer can communicate with other computers connected to the same network.

You must create rules to specifically allow or deny traffic between your computer and other computers.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_055_07072013_013628

Network activity

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_056_07072013_013644

Additional protection is provided by the Intrusion Detection System (IDS). IDS monitors the network and system activities for malicious activities or policy violations. It can detect and block attempts to change critical system files, Bitdefender files or registry entries, the installation of malware drivers and attacks performed by code injection (DLL injection).

You may set it to “normal” to increase  the level of protection.

  • Internet connection sharing – enables support for Internet connection sharing.
  • Block port scans – detects and blocks attempts to find out which ports are open.Port scans are frequently used by hackers to find out which ports are open on your computer. They might then break into your computer if they find a less secure or vulnerable port.
  • Increase log verbosity – increases the verbosity of the Firewall log.Bitdefender maintains a log of events regarding the Firewall module usage (enabling/disabling firewall, traffic blocking, modifying settings) or generated by the activities detected by this module (scanning ports, blocking connection attempts or traffic according to the rules). The log can be accessed from the Firewall Activity window by clicking Show Log.
  • Monitor Wi-Fi connections – when you are connected to wireless networks, information is displayed regarding specific network events (for example, when a new computer has joined the network).

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_057_07072013_013700


BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_058_07072013_013837

  • Update settings

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_059_07072013_013841


BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_060_07072013_013852

  • Manage friends lets you add email address of your friends which will not be blocked.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_061_07072013_013911

  • Manage spammers lets you add email address of those which you want to block.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_062_07072013_013919

  • Antispam setting

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_063_07072013_013925 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_064_07072013_013929

PARENTAL CONTROLParental Control enables you to control the access to the Internet and to specific applications for each user holding a user account on the system.

Once you have configured Parental Control, you can easily find out what your child is doing on the computer.

All you need is a computer with Internet access and a web browser.

You can configure Parental Control to block:

  • inappropriate web pages.
  • Internet access, for specific periods of time (such as when it’s time for lessons).
  • applications like games, chat, filesharing programs or others.
  • instant messages sent by IM contacts other than those allowed.

Check your children’s activities and change the Parental Control settings using MyBitdefender from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_001_07072013_044823

  • Parental control is done through web browser.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_065_07072013_015255

  • Here all the computers with bitdefender installed are shown. As shown below vik.WORKGROUP has bitdefender internet security 2014 installed.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_066_07072013_015307

  • Click on parental control to create a profile.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_067_07072013_015334

  • Enter name, age, gender and choose the device for this profile.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_068_07072013_015355

The Parental Control dashboard is where you can directly manage the Parental Control modules.

Each module contains the following elements: the name of the module, a status message, the icon of the module and a button that lets you perform important tasks related to the module.

Click a tab to configure the corresponding Parental Control feature for the computer:

  • Web – to filter web navigation and set time restrictions on Internet access.
  • Applications – to block or restrict access to specific applications.
  • Facebook – to protect your child’s Facebook account.
  • Instant Messaging – to allow or block chat with specific instant messaging contacts.

The following modules can be accessed to monitor the child’s activity on the mobile device:

  • Location – to find the current location of your child’s device on Google Maps.
  • SMS – to block incoming text messages from a phone number.
  • Calls – to block calls from a phone number, both incoming and outgoing.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_069_07072013_015417

  • Safebox to save important files online.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_070_07072013_015720 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_071_07072013_015730


We use our computers to shop online or pay our bills, to connect to social media platforms or log in with instant messaging applications.

But as everybody knows, it’s not always easy to remember the password!

And if we are not careful while browsing online, our private information, such as our e-mail address, our instant messaging ID or our credit card data can be compromised.

To keep your passwords or your personal data on a sheet of paper or in the computer can be dangerous because they can be accessed and used by people who want to steal and use that information. And to remember each password you have set for your online accounts or for your favorite websites is not an easy task.

Therefore, is there a way to make sure that we find our passwords when we need them? And can we rest assured that our secret passwords are always safe?

Wallet is the password manager that helps you keep track of your passwords, protects your privacy and provides a secure browsing experience.

Using a single master password to access your credentials, Wallet makes it easy for you to keep your passwords safe.

To offer the best protection for your online activities, Wallet is integrated with Bitdefender Safepay and provides a unified solution for the various ways in which your private data can be compromised.

Wallet protects the following private information:

  • Personal information, such as the e-mail address or the phone number
  • Login credentials for the websites
  • Bank account information or the credit card number
  • Access data to the e-mail accounts
  • Passwords for the applications
  • Passwords for the Wi-Fi networks

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_072_07072013_015813

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_073_07072013_015830

  • Input a long master password.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_074_07072013_015841 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_075_07072013_020034 BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_076_07072013_020206

  • Bitdefender wallet

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_087_07072013_020644

  • Add personal info

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_088_07072013_020705

  • Add website login data.

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_090_07072013_022024

  • Wallet settings

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_084_07072013_020610

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_085_07072013_020614

BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_086_07072013_020617
BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_077_07072013_020341
BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_078_07072013_020347
  • General settings.
BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_079_07072013_020436
  • Advanced settings.
BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_080_07072013_020450
  • Proxy settings.
BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_081_07072013_020458
  • Alert settings.
BITDEFENDER IS 2014 CONFIG_082_07072013_020509