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Softwares to annoy your friends & enemies as well

Never Ending Messages

Once you run this software it will keep generating messages endlessly. Only way to stop it is by using Task Manager to terminate this software from memory.

Make all files hidden

This program will hide all the files in hard disk except the drive in which windows OS is installed.

Its not a good thing to do but I made it.

Microsoft windows 8.1 (Core & Pro ) with Update 3 ( x64 & x86) direct download link

Windows OS logo 5

Those who want to download iso image file of Microsoft Windows 8.1 with Update 3 (Core & Professional) (x86 & x64) – can follow the link below.
Original Unmodified windows 8.1 ISO image files.


What to do after installation of Microsoft Windows 8.1 pro

  • This is the desktop you are presented with when you start windows 8.1


  • This is the metro style start screen of windows 8.1

WINDOWS 8.1_002_19102013_191504

WINDOWS 8.1_003_19102013_191514

  • Click on down arrow to get more applications

WINDOWS 8.1_004_19102013_191538

  • Here you can see all the applications installed

WINDOWS 8.1_005_19102013_191543

WINDOWS 8.1_006_19102013_191550

  • Click on “Customize”

WINDOWS 8.1_007_19102013_191719

  • Now you can give names to group of applications

WINDOWS 8.1_008_19102013_191726

  • microsoft name given to a group of applications

WINDOWS 8.1_009_19102013_191741

  • You may want to uninstall some metro applicative that you don’t use. to select applications that you want to uninstall right click on it. then click on “uninstall” below.

WINDOWS 8.1_002_19102013_192521

  • To resize the tiled application right click on it and click “resize”

WINDOWS 8.1_003_19102013_192544

  • select the new size.

WINDOWS 8.1_004_19102013_192555

  • the tiles application has been resized

WINDOWS 8.1_005_19102013_192600

  • You may want to turn off live tile because it uses internet bandwidth, especially if you don’t use metro applications.
  • Right click on the application and click “turn live tile off”

WINDOWS 8.1_006_19102013_192658

  • Store live tile is turned off

WINDOWS 8.1_007_19102013_192704

  • If you install application for desktop the those application tile icon would not appear in start screen.
  • To do so you need to select those application as shown below and click on “pin to start”

WINDOWS 8.1_002_19102013_200124

  • And you can see firefox tile icon in start screen

WINDOWS 8.1_003_19102013_200129

  • Similarly you need to do with other desktop application installed

WINDOWS 8.1_004_19102013_200153

WINDOWS 8.1_005_19102013_200158

  • Start control panel

WINDOWS 8.1_006_19102013_200314

WINDOWS 8.1_007_19102013_200329

WINDOWS 8.1_008_19102013_200337

  • Click on system to get system info

WINDOWS 8.1_009_19102013_200504

  • Click on advanced system settings

WINDOWS 8.1_010_19102013_200528

  • To increase the security untick “Allow remote assistance to this computer”

WINDOWS 8.1_011_19102013_200637

Install Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 from setup files stored in Hard Disk

Most of the time people do not carry Windows setup Dvd. If the installed windows gets corrupt or system won’t boot then you are in trouble. One solution is to keep Microsoft windows vista/7/8.1/10 setup files in hard disk that is bootable and can be used for installation.


  1. Insert Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 setup dvd into the dvd drive. If you have Windows iso image file then mount the image using image mounting software(Daemon tools, power iso).
  2. Partition manager is used to create separate partition in which Windows setup files will be copied. Partition with 4GB size or more  is required. I suggest you create a 6 GB partition. You may not have free space in hard disk to create 4 GB partition. So you will have to resize the existing partition to get 4GB free space. Careful if make any mistake in resizing and creating partition then you are risking the deletion of your existing partition and files. (Make sure you do not lose power during resizing or creating the partition.)
  3. Copy all the files of Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 DVD or iso image files to the newly created partition.
  4. Easy BCD software will be used to add an entry in the bootloader. In the copied Windows setup files you will find “sources” folder in which you will find “\sources\boot.wim


  • In my case I mount Windows 8.1 image file using poweriso software.  Below you can see Windows 8.1 image mounted on Z: drive.

EASEUS WIN 8 SETUP_026_07012014_202031

  • I already have 5 partitions. Windows 8.1 is installed in C: drive.
  • I want to create 4 GB partition between C: drive and F: drive to store windows 8.1 setup files.

EASEUS WIN 8 SETUP_001_07012014_195229

  • I will to resize F: drive to get 4 GB free space.
  • Right click on F: drive and select “Resize/move partition“.

EASEUS WIN 8 SETUP_011_07012014_200210

  • Slide the bar from the beginning of F: drive to get approx 4000 MB unallocated space before.
  • Click “OK“.

EASEUS WIN 8 SETUP_012_07012014_200223

  • Right click on unallocated space and select “Create partition“.

EASEUS WIN 8 SETUP_013_07012014_200238

  • You may label the partition.

EASEUS WIN 8 SETUP_014_07012014_200254

  • Click “Apply

EASEUS WIN 8 SETUP_016_07012014_200302

  • Click “yes” to apply changes.

EASEUS WIN 8 SETUP_017_07012014_200306

EASEUS WIN 8 SETUP_018_07012014_200327

  • We get  H: drive with approx size 4 GB.
  • Copy the Windows 8.1 setup files in H: drive.

EASEUS WIN 8 SETUP_019_07012014_200508

  • Open EasyBCD.
  • Goto “Add New Entry“.
  • Goto ” Portable/External media“. Select “WinPE” tab.
  • Give a name to entry. Example “Win 8.1 setup“.
  • Click on icon as shown below for “Path” entry.

EASEUS WIN 8 SETUP_020_07012014_200926

  • Goto H: drive where Windows 8.1 setup files has been copied.

EASEUS WIN 8 SETUP_021_07012014_200946

  • Goto “sources” folder.
  • Select “boot.wim“. Click “Open“.

EASEUS WIN 8 SETUP_022_07012014_201000

  • Click “Add Entry

EASEUS WIN 8 SETUP_023_07012014_201007

  • Thats it. Now reboot and you will see “Win 8.1 setup” entry at the boot menu. Selecting it will cause running of Windows 8 setup files  and you will be able to install windows 8 from hard disk.
  • You may want to hide the H: drive in which windows setup files has been copied so that the setup files does not get modified or deleted accidently . To do so right click on the H: drive and select “Change Drive letter

EASEUS WIN 8 SETUP HIDE_001_07012014_220658

  • Select “None” in New Drive Letter.
  • Click “OK“.

EASEUS WIN 8 SETUP HIDE_002_07012014_220706

  • Click “Apply“.

EASEUS WIN 8 SETUP HIDE_003_07012014_220714