Nvidia Control Panel – Settings for a high-end graphics card

Depending on computer hardware configuration the Nvidia control panel settings may have some differences compared to what is shown here.

Desktop System Config

  1. Single monitor.
  2. No Gsync monitor.
  3. Fast Vsync supported by Graphics card
  4. Single Graphics card.
  5. 8 GB Graphics RAM.

This config should work for high-end systems.

  • Select “Use the advanced 3D image settings

NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL 8.1.9_17-06-2019_08-57-55

GLOBAL Settings

Global settings allow the user to do setting that is applied to all the programs that uses the GPU. Do settings as shown below.

Ambient Occlusion :     Off
Anisotropic filtering: Application-Controlled

Antialiasing – FXAA :    Off
Antialiasing – Gamma Correction :   Off
Antialiasing – Mode :     Application-Controlled
Antialiasing – Transparency :    Off

CUDA – GPUs :   All

Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames: Application-Controlled

NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL 8.1.9_19-06-2019_22-39-44

Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA) : On
Power Management Mode: Optimal Power
Shader Cache: On

Texture Filtering – Anisotropic Sample Optimization :   Off
Texture Filtering – Negative LOD Bias :    Allow
Texture filtering – Quality :    High Quality
Texture Filtering – Trilinear Optimization:   Off

Threaded Optimization :    Auto
Triple buffering :    Off

Vertical Sync : Fast

  • Click “Apply” to apply to global settings.


NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL 8.1.9_19-06-2019_22-40-08

  • If  (Vertical Sync : Fast)  is not available then, do settings as shown below
  • Triple buffering :    On
  • Vertical Sync : Adaptive

NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL 8.1.9_19-06-2019_22-40-27

Program Settings allows user to do custom settings for each individual programs.

You may need to do custom settings for each game.

NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL 8.1.9_17-06-2019_09-04-06

  • Using drop-down menu as shown below you can select the Program for which you want to do custom settings.

NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL 8.1.9_17-06-2019_09-04-24

  • If a program is not shown in the menu, you can add it manually by click “Add” button as shown below.

NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL 8.1.9_17-06-2019_09-04-38

  • Select a Program to add or click “Browse” to find the program in the hard disk.
  • Then Click “Add Selected Program

NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL 8.1.9_17-06-2019_09-04-53


  • Select the GPU as “Processor: ” for PhyX ,

NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL 8.1.9_17-06-2019_09-06-43

  • Here you can select the resolution of the display.
  • Slect

NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL 8.1.9_17-06-2019_09-07-24

  • It is recommended that you select scaling mode as “Aspect ratio
  • Select  “GPU” for “Perform scaling on:

NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL 8.1.9_17-06-2019_09-11-52

  • Adjust video colour settings” allows the user to the set various parameter of “video playback
  • If you want Nvidia GPU to set Colour and Gamma settings then select “With Nvidia settings

NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL 8.1.9_17-06-2019_09-12-39

  • Under Advanced tab, select “Full (0-255)” for “Dynamic range:

NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL 8.1.9_17-06-2019_09-13-14

  • Similarly, you can use Nvidia GPU for “Edge enhancement” and “Noise Reduction” in a video being played in Media Player. This setting overrides Media Player Settings so that “Edge enhancement” and “Noise Reduction” is done by GPU instead of media player.

NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL 8.1.9_19-06-2019_23-17-58


  • You may tick “Display GPU Activity Icon in Notification Area

NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL 8.1.9_17-06-2019_09-05-58

  • Nvidia GPU Activity in the Notification Area.

NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL 8.1.9_17-06-2019_09-23-11

  • In System Information you can see the various info about NVIDIA GPU and the computer system.

NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL 8.1.9_17-06-2019_09-14-24

NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL 8.1.9_17-06-2019_09-14-38


If you want to do custom settings for an individual game, select the game under “Select a program to custmize

Most important custom settings are

  1. Anisotropic filtering ( AF )
  2. Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames


Anisotropic filtering setting overrides in-game AF setting.

First, try to use ( Anisotropic filtering : 16x ). If you see a drop in game FPS then lower it to ( Anisotropic filtering: 8x )

For fast-paced games, Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames should be minimum which is 1. You may set a higher number for slow paced games, if you don’t experience a lag in game.

  • Example 1


  • Example 2


Lesser important settings is Antialiasing – Mode. Since most games have inbuilt Antialiasing setting, so don’t need to do any custom setting in it.

  • Antialiasing – Mode
  • Antialiasing – Setting

But if an old game does not have in-built Antialiasing setting then you can enable Nvidia Antialiasing, which will override the in-game settings.

Antialiasing – Mode : Overide any application setting
Antialiasing – Setting : 8x

  • Example 3