MPC BE + LAV Filters

How to configure MPC BE to use external LAV Filters.

OS: Windows 10 Pro x64

Software: MPC BE x64,LAV Filters

First, download and install LAV Filters.

Download Link :

Open “LAV Video Configuration“.

MPC BE LAV FILTERS_12-06-2019_15-24-53

  • Select “D3D11” as Hardware Decoder to use.

MPC BE LAV FILTERS_12-06-2019_15-25-22

  • Start MPC BE Player.
  • Open View -> Options

MPC BE LAV FILTERS_12-06-2019_15-25-35

  • Select “External Filters
  • Click “Add Filter

MPC BE LAV FILTERS_12-06-2019_15-25-55

  • Select “LAV Audio Decoder“. Click “OK”.

MPC BE LAV FILTERS_12-06-2019_15-26-13

  • Select “Prefer” as shown below.

MPC BE LAV FILTERS_12-06-2019_15-26-18

  • Similarly Add LAV Splitter,LAV Splitter source,LAV Video Decoder and set “Prefer” for each one.

MPC BE LAV FILTERS_12-06-2019_15-26-31

  • It should look as shown below.

MPC BE LAV FILTERS_12-06-2019_15-26-49

  • Using Windows 10 “Task Manager” you can see what percentage of GPU is being used while playing a video file.

MPC-HC.1.8.6 LAV FILTERS_13-06-2019_21-06-42