Using Microsoft OS in default setting is not very energy efficient.

It will be consuming & wasting too much power in default settings. So your electricity bill will go up.

Also in laptop it will cause to generate more heat, which the inbuilt fan will not be able to dissipate properly.

You can do these settings to lower the amount of energy spent on CPU.


  • Goto Control Panel
  • Open “Power Options
  • Select “Power saver
  • Click “Change plan settings” for the active power plan

SAVE POWER AND ENERGY BILL_11-08-2016_16-19-18


  • Click “Change advanced power settings

SAVE POWER AND ENERGY BILL_11-08-2016_12-42-36


  • Under “Processor power management
  • Under “System cooling policy“, set “Active” for “Plugged in

SAVE POWER AND ENERGY BILL_11-08-2016_16-38-17


You must also do other settings in “Power options Advanced settings” so that it works as you want it to.

I always keep my computer ON. When I am away computer keep downloading.

Here is the settings that i do.  You may do the setting similar to mine or you may do what you like.

  • Set “Sleep after” to “Never” as shown below
  • Set “Hibernate After” to “Never

SAVE POWER AND ENERGY BILL_11-08-2016_16-42-32


  • Set “Intel graphics Power Plan” to “Balanced” for “plugged In
  • Set “Lid Close action” to “Do nothing
  • Set “Power button action” to “Shut down

SAVE POWER AND ENERGY BILL_11-08-2016_16-43-10


  • Set “Link State Power Management” to “Moderate power savings” for “Plugged In
  • Set “Turn Off display” to “10 minutes

SAVE POWER AND ENERGY BILL_11-08-2016_16-43-58


  • Set “Low battery level” to “15%
  • Set “critical battery level” to “8%

SAVE POWER AND ENERGY BILL_11-08-2016_16-44-38

  • Set “Reserve battery level” to “10%

SAVE POWER AND ENERGY BILL_11-08-2016_16-44-57




  • Additionally you should use GPU inbuilt in processor as it saves power compared to using external graphics card, for your day to day tasks.
  • For gaming, video editing and graphics processing you can use external graphics card.