I strongly suggest that you use password managers like LastPass to store all your login credentials.

Then you only need to remember one master password for the password manager account.

Also use good internet security like Kaspersky, Bitdefender, ESET, Trend Micro.

You need to use a strong master password.

But memorizing a strong password is not easy. Most people can remember pronounceable words and number.

No problem. You can use easy to remember words and number . I will tell you how to make it stronger so that other cannot guess it or crack it.


suppose you can remember words like “dragon warrior” and a number like “49637”.

Now I will tell you how to create a very strong password just by using these two by formatting and repeating it.

First, combine it

  • dragonwarrior49637

Format it like this

  • |dragon||warrior||49637|

Further, expand it by repeating the characters like this

  • |dDdrRraAagGgoOonNn||wWwaAarRrrRriIioOorRr||444999666333777|

You can further format it like this

  • ####$$$$|dDdrRraAagGgoOonNn||wWwaAarRrrRriIioOorRr||444999666333777|$$$$####

You can use the above text as password which a very strong password.

Similarly, you can create your own formatting technique that you like and can remember it.

Here are more examples of strongly formatted passwords using “dragonwarrior49637”

  • +++++[[[[[dDrRaAgGoOnN]]]]][[[[[wWaArRrRiIoOrR]]]]][[[[[499666333377777]]]]]+++++
  • $[dragon]$[DRAGON]$[warrior]$[WARRIOR]$[49637]$[49637]$
  • (—–d—–r—–a—–g—–o—–n—–)(—–w—–a—–r—–r—–i—–o—–r—–)(—–4—–9—–6—–3—–7—–)
  • |||||<d><r><a><g><o><n>#####<w><a><r><r><i><o><r>#####<4><9<>6<>3<>7>|||||
  • =====DDDDragoNNNN^^^^WWWWarrioRRRR^^^^44449637777=====

Similary you can create many strong passwords that are easy to remember.

Don’t use too complex formatting otherwise you will forget it.