Crystal Security a cloud-based antimalware : Review & settings


Crystal Security is an easy to use application that was created in order to help you quickly detect and remove malware that might affect your computer.

Cloud Based

The cloud based Crystal Security gathers data from millions of participating users systems around the world to help defend you from the very latest viruses and malware attacks.





  • Context menu scan, scans files in that folder. The files in the subfolder will not be scanned.
  • Context menu scan will be done in background. No window will popup for it. You can see the statistics to see which file is being scanned
  • The files with no extension will not be scanned
  • Every file that gets scanned will be categorized in four category namely “Safe” , “Unsafe” , “Suspicious” and “Unknown”  .  Unknown files are those which unknown to crystal security database. Crystal security will ask the user to upload the unknown files so that it gets scanned and categorized as “Safe” , “Unsafe” , “Suspicious”.
  • Software’s that may contain ads or it may be bundled with more promotional software’s will be considered as adware. It will get flagged as “unsafe”.
  • Files detected as UNSAFE can be malware or adware. In some cases it is a safe application.

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5_10-05-2015_23-22-29

  • There are two types of scans you can do , quick and advanced

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5_10-05-2015_23-22-37

  • Quick scan in progress

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5_10-05-2015_23-28-10

  • Changing to Quick scan mode and Advanced scan mode, requires restarting of this software

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5_10-05-2015_23-32-39


  • Tick “Start with Windows”
  • Tick “Shell integration”
  • Tick “Use gridlines”
  • You may untick “stay on top”
  • Click “apply” to apply the setting

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 SETTINGS_11-05-2015_10-09-43

  • real-time protection settings

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 SETTINGS_11-05-2015_10-10-32

  • Crystal security classifies files as Safe, Unsafe, suspicious and Unknown
  • These settings lets user set what will be the behavior of crystal security with those categorized files

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 SETTINGS_11-05-2015_10-11-35

  • Quick scan settings

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 SETTINGS_11-05-2015_10-12-56

  • Advanced scan settings

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 SETTINGS_11-05-2015_10-13-03

  • At the beginning when you install crystal security, it will recognize most of the files in computer as suspicious and unknown. With default settings one alert message will be shown for every such files. This can be very cumbersome.
  • If you are sure that all the files in the system is safe. Then you can do the settings as shown below. This will cause all the files to be whitelisted without user intervention. You can keep it like this for two weeks then you can revert to original settings.

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 SETTINGS_11-05-2015_10-11-58

  • You will get less alert if you set to trust digitally signed files. To do so tick “Trust applications with digital signature
  • Under “Criteria” for “unsafe files” , set it to “20“. So the files with detection ratio 20% or more by all the antivirus engines, will be considered Usafe.
  • You may untick “heuristic check” under “Engines” because it causes a lot of false positives
  • Click “Apply” to apply the settings


CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 SETTINGS_13-05-2015_16-45-34



  • Threat score decides if the files is safe, unsafe or suspicious. By default if 10% or more antivirus engines detects this file as malicious then it is considered “UNSAFE”
  • When “Unsafe” files are detected this alert is shown with red color

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 ALERTS_10-05-2015_23-50-32

  • You may click on “click for more information” to see which antivirus engine has detected this file as malicious

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 ALERTS_11-05-2015_00-30-01


CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 ALERTS_11-05-2015_00-30-12


  • Threat score decides if the files is safe, unsafe or suspicious. By default if 5% to 9 %  antivirus engines detects this file as malicious then it is considered “SUSPICIOUS”
  • When suspicious files are detected this alert is shown. it up to user to take correct decision whether to allow or block this file from running CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 ALERTS_10-05-2015_23-55-48
  • To see which engine has detected this file as suspicious click “Show Details”

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 ALERTS_11-05-2015_00-42-34

  • It is not necessary that suspicious files are malware. It may be safe file. User must take correct decision otherwise some software will not run properly.


  • Unknown files are those which is not present in crystal security database
  • it is up to user to take correct decision whether to allow it or not

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 ALERTS_11-05-2015_00-10-30


CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 ALERTS_11-05-2015_00-11-23

  • Hovering the mouse over the detected object will show the full path of that file

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 ALERTS_11-05-2015_00-11-35 LISTS

  • Overview show all the files scanned by crystal security which has been classified or will be classified

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 LISTS_11-05-2015_11-15-11

  • Whitelist contains the files that will not be blocked from being executed by crystal security

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 LISTS_11-05-2015_11-15-30

  • Blacklist contains the list of files which has been blocked from being executed by crystal security
  • The files that in blacklist has already been quarantined

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 LISTS_11-05-2015_11-16-14

  • Uploads contains the list of files which has been uploaded or has been queued from upload.
  • Status “complete” means that file has been uploaded
  • Status “queue” means the file has been queued for upload
  • Status “In progress’ means the file is being uploaded.
  • After all the files has been uploaded you can remove all the files from the list

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 LISTS_11-05-2015_11-16-38

  • Unrecognized contains the list of files which has been classified “UNKNOWN”  by crystal security. It needs to been uploaded to crystal security server so that it can be classified as Safe, Unsafe, suspicious . All the files in the list has been queued for upload.

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 LISTS_11-05-2015_11-16-46

  • User has the capability to add any file to any of the lists.

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 LISTS_11-05-2015_11-26-58

  • A safe file has been added to blacklist . You can move it to Whitelist so that it does not get blocked.

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 LISTS_11-05-2015_11-27-35

  • You can manually add files to upload it to crystal security server

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 LISTS_11-05-2015_11-31-22

  • One problem with Crystal security is that you can only add files individually in the list. You can add all the files in a folder to the list. This makes it very time consuming.

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 LISTS_11-05-2015_11-31-50

  • You can remove the files in “Overview” list by right clicking and selecting “clear all”.
  • It is not necessary to keep files in overview


  • You can remove files from Whitelist that are not present in hard disk by selecting “Purge whitelist”.
  • Similarly you can purge files in Blacklist


  • You should remove files from Uploads that has already  been uploaded and has status”Complete”.
  • To do so select all the files with status “Complete” . Right click and select “Remove files from uploads”



Protection Overview shows statistics of files scanned by the real-time protection. “currently analyzing” show the file which is currently being scanned. “Queued files’ under protection overview shows shows how many files are in queue to be scanned by realtime protection.

Upload Overview statistics shows the data on files which has been uploaded or which are in queue to be uploaded.


CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 LISTS_11-05-2015_11-16-53

Analyse files that are classified as “unknown” AND “Queued”

  • From the list you can analyse files which are stuck with classification “Unknown” and “Queued”.
  • Select the files which you want to scan . Right click and select “Analyze selected file”


CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 LISTS_11-05-2015_22-55-00

  • Soon you will see that those files will be analyzed and classified.
  • Rescan after six hours or more, the files that  does not get classified. Better rescan after one day.

CRYSTAL SECURITY 3.5 LISTS_11-05-2015_22-55-25