PrivaZer – free PC cleaner & privacy tool


1- Detection of residual traces in free space
Visualization of residual traces of old files remaining in free space

2- Smart cleanup of free space
Cleanup of residual traces in free space areas needing a reset to zero
We assure no useless cleanups.
Areas already reset to zero are not cleaned which can speed up cleanup by 2x to 100x.
Cleanup runs faster after each run.

3- File table cleanup
Cleanup of residual traces in file tables, not only in MFT but in FAT as well
Additional cleanup of INDEX attributes in MFT

4- Smart overwriting
Recognition of type of storage medium of your storage device : magnetic disk, SSD, etc
Adaptation of overwriting algorithms to storage medium

5- Smart cleanup of Jumplists
Cleanup of your Jumplists without deleting your pinned items/ websites which are preserved

6- Smart cleanup of Prefetch
Removing of invalid Prefetch entries. Old valid entries are preserved.

7- Deletion of USB history
Deletion of remaining traces of disconnected device (name, date, etc)
8- Scan and cleanup of Pagefile.sys / Hiberfil.sys content
Visualization of Pagefile.sys / Hiberfil.sys content
9- Scan of thumbnails
Full scan of the drive to retrieve remaining thumbs.db files and show their content
Visualization of ThumbCache files content

10- Scan of residual traces in Indexing service
Scan of remaining traces of deleted files still indexed by Windows™ Indexing Service
» Irreversible cleanups by overwriting techniques
» Smart overwriting : PrivaZer automatically recognizes your storage device type and
adapts its overwriting algorithms to the storage medium (magnetic disk, SSD, etc)
» Your personal documents are preserved
» You can control existence of remaining sensitive traces after cleanup

» Your old deleted files can still be recovered with an expert recovery software.
PrivaZer performs a cleanup of residual traces in file table (FAT or MFT) and free space
to avoid any possibilities of recovery

» No recovery possible with expert software like :
. GetDataback
. Testdisk
. O&O DiskRecovery
. Recuva
. Glary Undelete
. Easeus Data Recovery
. Pandora Recovery
. Paragon Backup & Recovery
. Ontrack EasyRecovery
. Recover My Files
. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

No recoverable files after cleanup
» Disk usage Viewer
» Index.dat content Viewer
» Pagefile.sys content Viewer
» Hiberfil.sys content Viewer
» Jumplists Viewer
» Thumbcache, Thumbs.db content Viewer
» Optimized cleanup of residual traces remaining in storage free space
» Areas already reset to zero are not cleaned which can speed up cleanups by 2x to 100x.
» Don’t wait for hours…
» Cleanup runs faster after each run.
» We assure no useless cleanups.

» PrivaZer helps you choose cookies to delete
» Cookies of your favorite sites are preserved
so that you do not need to retype your login/password again and again

» Cleans useless histories of opened files, visited websites, etc appearing in Jumplists
» Your pinned items are preserved
» Your pinned websites are preserved

» PrivaZer performs a smart cleanup of Windows Prefetch
» Prefetch is useful for your system and should not be removed completely
» PrivaZer takes care of your Prefetch by removing invalid Prefetch entries

» Definitive and irreversible deletion of files or directories of your choice

» Scheduling of cleanups
» Live measurement of free space gain
» PrivaZer priority execution management

» Indexing management
» Hibernation management

» Registry cleanup
» Registry restore
» System restore

20 – With simply one click, PrivaZer is able to clean securely

  • . Internet browsers
    . Index.dat
    . Cookies
    . Cookies Tor
    . Cookies Flash
    . Cookies Silverlight
    . DOM Storage
    . IndexedDB
    . AppCache
  • . Registry
    . RAM
    . Pagefile.sys and Hiberfil.sys files
  • . Use of software
    . Messengers
    . Histories of visited websites, viewed videos, use of software, opened docs, etc
    . Jumplists
  • . Recycle bin
    . Temp files
    . Log files
    . Invalid Prefetch entries
    . Indexing service
    . ThumbCaches, Thumbs.db
  • . Residual traces of deleted files
    . Free space
    . File table (MFT or FAT)
    . INDEX attributes in MFT
    . USN Journal, etc





PRIVAZER 2.31_09-05-2015_20-02-10

After the installation you will be asked to do some customization

PRIVAZER 2.31_09-05-2015_20-02-18

  • Select “Advanced User”

PRIVAZER 2.31_09-05-2015_20-02-23


  • When asked for disabling hibernation , select “No”

PRIVAZER 2.31_09-05-2015_20-03-23


PRIVAZER 2.31 ADVANCED OPTIONS_09-05-2015_20-04-26


PRIVAZER 2.31 ADVANCED OPTIONS_09-05-2015_20-04-41


PRIVAZER 2.31 ADVANCED OPTIONS_09-05-2015_20-04-51


PRIVAZER 2.31 ADVANCED OPTIONS_09-05-2015_20-05-23


scanning has been divided based on devices.

  • device computer show all the devices

PRIVAZER 2.31 SCAN_09-05-2015_20-05-47

  • I divide the scans into two segments
  • The first one in which scans as shown below

PRIVAZER 2.31 SCAN_09-05-2015_20-06-08

  • During clean up, you will be provided multiple cleanup types.
  • The only difference is privacy level and the time taken to do the cleanup

PRIVAZER 2.31 SCAN_09-05-2015_20-09-12

  • During “Cleanup” you can set the priority of the task which will affect how fast the cleanup will occur
  • Priority can be low, normal, high or max. by clicking on “modify’ you can set the priority of the task
  • You can tick “Boost” to make cleanup task more faster.

PRIVAZER 2.31 SCAN_09-05-2015_20-09-58

The second set of scans is as shown below

PRIVAZER 2.31 SCAN_09-05-2015_20-11-20

  • During scanning you can set the scan priority.
  • priority can be low, normal, high or max
  • Setting priority to “max” will cause the faster scan


PRIVAZER 2.31 SCAN_09-05-2015_20-15-03


  • you can click on “see cleanup options” to select the deletion method

PRIVAZER 2.31 SCAN_09-05-2015_20-16-03


  • below you can see various deletion methods.
  • Number of PASSES tell how many times the data will be overwritten
  • Default 1 PASS is good enough for most of the users


PRIVAZER 2.31 SCAN_09-05-2015_20-16-23


  • There are three cleanup modes to choose from.
  • The difference is the level of privacy achieved and time taken to do the cleanup
  • For this cleanup “normal cleanup’ is the best option to choose.
  • Cleanup may take time to complete.

PRIVAZER 2.31 SCAN_09-05-2015_20-16-49


  • During “Cleanup” you can set the priority of the task which will affect how fast the cleanup will be done
  • Priority can be low, normal, high or max. by clicking on “modify’ you can set the priority of the task
  • You can tick “Boost” to make cleanup task more faster.


PRIVAZER 2.31 SCAN_09-05-2015_20-18-24

  • Cleanup completed

PRIVAZER 2.31 SCAN_09-05-2015_20-31-21

  • you may select multiple partitions for cleanup

PRIVAZER 2.31 SCAN_09-05-2015_20-31-53