Best free antivirus for Mac OS users

There is real threat of malwares for mac users but not as great as PC users. So i think a free antivirus would be enough for mac security.

It must support the latest Mac OS

1) 360 Internet Security

360 Internet security malware detection rate should be very high.


  • App Uninstalling – Removing app has never been so easy and clean with multi-selection and one-click uninstallation.
  • Junk Cleaning – Trash-free will let your Mac run as quickly as lightning.
  • Phishing Detecting – Enjoy secure browsing under the protection of our anti-phishing solution.


2) Avast Free Antivirus

Protect against viruses, spyware, and other malicious agents.

WebRep™ plugin to help protect against phishing scams WebRep™ browser plugins provide greater protection against phishing sites, including heuristic detection of new phishing sites.

Three types of real-time malware scans Run real time malware scans on your file system, email tools, and web-browsing activities (web pages, downloads, and java scripts).



3) AVIRA Free antivirus

  • Real-Time Scanner – Analyzes any file the system accesses
  • Event Center – Monitor, manage and control the entire platform
  • System Scanner – Configurable, on-demand search for known viruses and malware
  • Quarantine Management – Manage suspicious files that have been quarantined for your safety.
  • Integrated Scheduler – Automate recurring tasks like updates or scans
  • One Click Repair – Monitors the security status of your Mac and removes risks with just one click

4) Sophos antivirus

  • Full Mac protection from viruses, Trojans and worms
    Stops all threats, even those designed for Windows. Not only is your computer safe—the people running PCs you send files to are safe from threats too.
  • Secure web browsing
    Be safer online. Sophos Antivirus scans websites for malicious codes. It also blocks web-based malware before it can infect your Mac, protecting you from Internet threats.
  • Stops all threats, familiar and unfamiliar
    Our antivirus technology stops all threats, even if it’s something new. Thanks to Live Antivirus, you have a direct line to SophosLabs for the latest threat intelligence.
  • Quarantines and removes the threats it finds
    You might not want to immediately delete bad files our scans find. No problem. You can quarantine questionable files and check them again later, or you can have them immediately removed from your computer. The choice is yours.
  • Business-quality antivirus, backed by SophosLabs
    We’ve put the entire force of our business-strength threat expertise behind Sophos Antivirus for Mac. That means you’re using the same product that protects all of our customer organizations, large, small and in-between.


5) AVG Antivirus

Protection from viruses and spyware