Linux Mint 16 “Petra” – MATE installation + configuration

Linux Mint 16 Petra – MATE desktop environment is most responsive I have seen in Linux.

Linux mint is best of new Linux users because it already have some useful softwares installed and it is easy to install and use.

Download Linux Mint 16 MATE

Download the image file write it in DVD or use “Rufus” software to create a live USB Pendrive.


  • Double Click “install linux Mint”


Linux Mint 16 MATE

  • Select language

Linux Mint 16 MATE 1





Linux Mint 16 MATE3

  • Connect to internet if possible


Linux Mint 16 MATE4


Linux Mint 16 MATE5

  • Select “something else”


Linux Mint 16 MATE6

  •  Here you need to create a “ext4” partition in which linux will be installed.
  • Below you can see that i have two ext4 partition namely /dev/sda5 and /dev/sda12
  • I need one ext4 partition. So i deleted /dev/sda12 . to do so click “-“.


Linux Mint 16 MATE7

  •  Now i need to extend the size of  /dev/sda5 partition from 20000MB to 29999MB . to do so click “+”.

Linux Mint 16 MATE8

  •  In “use as ” select ” Ext4 journal “.
  • Tick “format the partition”
  • Select Mount point as “/”.
  • You may create a  swap partition. I already have a swap partition.


Linux Mint 16 MATE9

  •  Select ext4 partition in which linux has to be installed.
  • Click “Install Now”

Linux Mint 16 MATE10

  •  Select your location.


Linux Mint 16 MATE11

  •  Select your keyboard layout.

Linux Mint 16 MATE12

  •  Input your user name and password.
  • Click “Continue”
  • Wait for installation to complete.
  • Reboot

Linux Mint 16 MATE13

  •  After reboot this Linux Mint MATE desktop is presented

Linux Mint 16 MATE14

Linux Mint 16 MATE15

  •  Click on shield icon as shown below.


Linux Mint 16 MATE16

  •  Update manager will popup.
  • If you are connected to internet then click Install update.


Linux Mint 16 MATE17

  • during installing updates it will ask this.
  • Select “replace”

Linux Mint 16 MATE21


  •  Here the my hard disk partition layout clearly shown.
  • First 100 MB is windows 8 bootloader.
  • Next is Partition 2 in which windows 8 is installed.
  • Then there is partition 5 where Linux Mint is installed.
  • Then there is swap partition 11.
  • Then there are five more partition which are ntfs partitions which is irrelevant to this tutorial.
  • So Both Windows 8 and Linux is installed in my hard disk.

Linux Mint 16 MATE18

  •  System monitor showing cpu usage, RAM usage and network usage

Linux Mint 16 MATE19

  •  Software manager can be used to install/uninstall software’s

Linux Mint 16 MATE20

  •  Control center shows whats settings can be done


Linux Mint 16 MATE22

I hope this short tutorial will help.