AOMEI Backupper Standard ver. 2 Review + tutorial

 AOMEI Backupper Standard

Free backup software and very useful.

  • MBR disk
  • GPT disk
  • EFI/UEFI boot mode
  • Dynamic disk
  • NTFS, FAT32, FAT, EXT2, EXT3 and other file systems
  • Storage Devices: Support almost all storage devices recognized by Windows, such as hard disk drive (HDD), external USB HDD, Solid-State Drive (SSD), Flash Drives, USB 3.0 drives, Hardware RAID, Network-Attached Storage (NAS).
  • Disk Style: Support MBR and GPT disk styles, working with EFI/UEFI boot mode smoothly, dynamic volumes supported.



Detailed Tutorial


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AOMEI BACKUPPER_005_11042014_013445

  • Various Backup operations


AOMEI BACKUPPER_006_11042014_013456

  • File backup
  • Add destination path


AOMEI BACKUPPER_007_11042014_013502

  • Add files/folder you want to backup


AOMEI BACKUPPER_008_11042014_013541

  • File backup filter settings


AOMEI BACKUPPER_009_11042014_013547

  • More backup options


AOMEI BACKUPPER_010_11042014_013626


AOMEI BACKUPPER_011_11042014_013630


AOMEI BACKUPPER_012_11042014_013633


AOMEI BACKUPPER_013_11042014_013636

  • File backup in progress


AOMEI BACKUPPER_014_11042014_013703

  • System backup.
  • backup all the files of partition in which windows operating system is installed.
  • Select the destination path where files will be copied.


AOMEI BACKUPPER_015_11042014_013800

  • backup settings.


AOMEI BACKUPPER_016_11042014_013816


AOMEI BACKUPPER_017_11042014_013826

  • Disk backup.
  • backup whole hard disk to another hard disk. the destination hard disk must have more free space than the size of files in source hard disk.


AOMEI BACKUPPER_018_11042014_013944

  • Select the source disk.


AOMEI BACKUPPER_019_11042014_013951

  • The content of “Disk0” will be copied to “J:\my backups”


AOMEI BACKUPPER_020_11042014_014004

  • You can also schedule the backup process.
  • Daily backup


AOMEI BACKUPPER_021_11042014_014040


AOMEI BACKUPPER_022_11042014_014050

  • Weekly backup


AOMEI BACKUPPER_023_11042014_014105

  • monthly backup


AOMEI BACKUPPER_024_11042014_014112

  • partition backup


AOMEI BACKUPPER_025_11042014_014153

  • Select the partions you want to back up.


AOMEI BACKUPPER_026_11042014_014203

  • The C: and D: drive has been selected for backup.


AOMEI BACKUPPER_027_11042014_014208

  • Restore the files/partition/disk that has been previously backed-up.


AOMEI BACKUPPER_028_11042014_014218



  •  Restore system backup.
  • The whole windows operating system partition backup that i craeted before will be restored.


AOMEI BACKUPPER_001_11042014_012805

  •  Click next


AOMEI BACKUPPER_003_11042014_012842

  •  Restoring system backup will require you to reboot.


AOMEI BACKUPPER_004_11042014_012901



  • Clone partition or disk.


AOMEI BACKUPPER_029_11042014_014230

  • Select source partition you want to clone. Here the source is C: partition.


AOMEI BACKUPPER_031_11042014_014241

  • Select destination partition where you want to save.


AOMEI BACKUPPER_032_11042014_014305

  • Disk cloning .
  • Select source disk you want to clone.


AOMEI BACKUPPER_033_11042014_014336

  • Select destination disk where you want to make a clone of source disk.


AOMEI BACKUPPER_034_11042014_014341

  • Check image


AOMEI BACKUPPER_035_11042014_014358

  • Select the backup that you want to check .


AOMEI BACKUPPER_036_11042014_014404


AOMEI BACKUPPER_037_11042014_014409

  • Checking the backup data.


AOMEI BACKUPPER_038_11042014_014421

  • Create bootable media.


AOMEI BACKUPPER_039_11042014_014440

  • Create windows PE disc.
  • You need a CD, usb pendrive to make a bootable disc. Once created you can use it to boot from the CD, usb pendrive. Then you can use Aomei backupper to do various backup/restore tasks.


AOMEI BACKUPPER_040_11042014_014450