Webfilter Pro – free webfilter addon for Firefox,Chrome

WebFilter Pro is cloud based web content filtering addon for Firefox and chrome.

It is very effective and easy to use.

Download WebFilter addon

WebFilter Pro_002_18012014_151450

  • Working mode : Parent meaning no website will be blocked

WebFilter Pro_003_18012014_151547

  • You may hide the webfilter icon from firefox

WebFilter Pro_004_18012014_151557

  • You may password protect settings

WebFilter Pro_006_18012014_151627

  • You may add websites in blacklist which will be blocked.
  • You may sync whitelist & blacklist using an online account and password.
  • WebFilter Pro_006_18012014_151627Very effective in blocking websites of certain category

WebFilter Pro TEST_001_18012014_153645

  • If any website is not blocked then you may send “User Feedback” to add that website in block list.

WebFilter Pro TEST_003_18012014_160340