Light Alloy – Free audio & video player + settings

Light Alloy – is a compact multimedia player. It supports all popular multimedia formats. It is very easy in use but at the same time has lots of configuration settings. Player is optimized for quick launch and minimum load of the system resources.

You will love this media player. You may configure it as you like. Support EVR video playback and WASAPI audio playback.

  • Timeline – So you can see graphically how much is played and how much is still to play
  • WinLIRC –  Allows you to remotely control Light Alloy, for example if you are laying on the sofa
  • Live Preview –  Just like on YouTube you can navigate with a preview window while searching on the timeline
  • IPTV support –  Allows you to watch tv over the internet and online videos like youtube/vimeo
  • Internet Radio –  Contains an expandable list of online radio stations which you can play and record, and a list to store your favorites
  • Streams switch –  In case of multiple audio/subtitles streams you can easily switch from stream
  • Multilingual –  Contains Dutch, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and others
  • Built-in codecs –  You don’t have to install a codec pack anymore: you can use the player immediately after installation
  • Blu-Ray & DVD –  You also can watch Blu-Ray and DVD with Light Alloy

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LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_001_18012014_190817

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_002_18012014_190828

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_003_18012014_190858

  • Light Alloy main interface

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_004_18012014_190925

  • Just right click on the screen of Alloy Player and all extra vanishes.

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_050_18012014_231728


  • Other Skins

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_038_18012014_223258

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_039_18012014_223311

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_040_18012014_223346

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_002_18012014_213534

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_003_18012014_213554

  • Select “Standard normalization“.
  • Tick “Regain volume“.

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_004_18012014_213604

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_005_18012014_213625


LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_006_18012014_213647

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_007_18012014_213652

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_008_18012014_213727

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_009_18012014_213733

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_010_18012014_213739

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_011_18012014_213747

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_012_18012014_213751

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_013_18012014_213758

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_014_18012014_213800

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_015_18012014_213805

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_016_18012014_213809

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_017_18012014_213821

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_018_18012014_213827

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_019_18012014_213831

  • You may increase the quality of screenshot for jpg image by moving the slider and increasing the percentage .

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_020_18012014_213837

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_021_18012014_213853

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_022_18012014_213859

  • Windows Vista/7/8/8/8.1 users may set Default audio playback as “WASAPI Audio Renderer
  • Click “properties“.

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_024_18012014_214732

  • Select WASAPI mode as “Shared mode“.

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_023_18012014_214713

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_025_18012014_214804

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_026_18012014_214808

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_027_18012014_214812

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_028_18012014_214816

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_029_18012014_214819

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_030_18012014_214822

  • Set file association with Light Alloy.
  • Click “Video” to associate video files with Light Alloy.

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_031_18012014_214838

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_032_18012014_214852

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_033_18012014_214857

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_034_18012014_214901

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_035_18012014_214914

Some useful settings

  • Set Windows size “Last Used“.
  • Uncheck “resize on movie bounds
  • Set Player position “Leave as is“.
  • Uncheck “Pause video on minimize“.

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_037_18012014_220620

Switch to expert mode

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_041_18012014_224131

  • More settings in Misc

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_042_18012014_224402

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_043_18012014_224439

  • You may want to to tick “int32“, “Float” in Output sample format to get better quality audio.

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_044_18012014_224706

  • Allow multiple instance” allow to open multiple Light alloy player.

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_045_18012014_224748

  • Internal codecs used

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_046_18012014_224810

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_047_18012014_225720

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_048_18012014_230143

LIGHT ALLOY 4.7.7_049_18012014_230148