Wise Folder Hider

Wise Folder Hider is easy to use. It can hide files and folders. Access to hidden files and folders are denied. Files & folders are not encrypted.

Do not forget passwords that are used to hide the files & folder.


  • Free of Charge –  Wise Folder Hider is a completely freeware. It costs $0 for all users to use the functions, get newest updates and enjoy basic technical supports.
  • Easy to Hide Data –  Only with a few simple clicks can you hide your private and sensitive data like docs, photos, videos, folders, etc.
  • Double Password Protection –  Mechanism of Two-Tier-Passwords makes the hiding safe enough. One password to log in and the other one to hide and unhide the data.
  • Support Drag and Drop –  You can simply drag and drop a file/folder into Wise Folder Hider. This feature is avaliable in Win8/7/Vista OS(only when UAC is disabled) and XP OS.
  • Support Right-Click –  You can hide files/folders by right-click without opening Wise Folder Hider. You will be able to access/unhide these files or folders when you log in WFH.
  • Flash Drive Hiding Supported (not External Hard Disk) –  Wise Folder Hider can hide the entire Flash Drive as well as the folders and files in it.

DOWNLOAD Wise Folder Hider

  • During first start it will ask you to assign master password. use strong password.
  • Main interface of Wise Folder Hider

WISE FOLDER HIDER_054_17012014_180602

  • Add files and folders to hide

WISE FOLDER HIDER_055_17012014_180651

  • Operations on files and folders.
  • You may add password for each file and folder .

WISE FOLDER HIDER_056_17012014_180659

  • Hide USB pendrive

WISE FOLDER HIDER_057_17012014_181118

WISE FOLDER HIDER_058_17012014_181124

  • Files & Folders in pendrive is now hidden. It will be hidden even if you plugin pendrive to other computer.

WISE FOLDER HIDER_059_17012014_181723