Folder Protect – Protect files/folders/drives/applications from being accessed/deleted/modified/visible

Folder Protect lets you protect your files in a variety of ways. It lets you lock, hide, delete-proof and/or write-proof your files, folders and drives. You can also protect a particular type of files and can choose to run it in stealth mode. Protection works in safe mode. Works with Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000.

This software does not encrypt files and folders.



  • Protect files, folders & drives
  • Lock them or Hide them
  • Make files Undeletable
  • Prevent Modification
  • Access Control files anyway
  • Works even in Safe Mode
  • Stealth Mode feature
  1. Features
  2. Benefits
  3. How to use folder protect

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  • Set master password.

WISE FOLDER HIDER_060_17012014_184408

WISE FOLDER HIDER_061_17012014_184420

  • Folder Protect main interface

WISE FOLDER HIDER_062_17012014_184425

  • Add files and folders you want to protect

WISE FOLDER HIDER_063_17012014_184433

  • Add drives which you want to protect

WISE FOLDER HIDER_064_17012014_184439

WISE FOLDER HIDER_065_17012014_184447

  • add programs you want to protect

WISE FOLDER HIDER_066_17012014_184454

  • Select from “No access’, “No visible”, “No Delete”, “no Write”

WISE FOLDER HIDER_068_17012014_184704

  • Add files and folder to protect.
  • Click “protect”

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WISE FOLDER HIDER_070_17012014_184719

WISE FOLDER HIDER_071_17012014_184743

  • Click “Unprotect” to remove protection.

WISE FOLDER HIDER_072_17012014_184828

  • Click “Protect” to get protection

WISE FOLDER HIDER_073_17012014_184834

  • Settings

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WISE FOLDER HIDER_075_17012014_184849

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