Smart Defrag 3 – Free disk defrag software that can do automatic background defrag

Smart Defrag 3 is a free and very effective disk defrag software . It can do disk defrag efficiently even when there is very less disk space left.

I have not seen it crash in years on operation. So its very reliable and takes data safety very seriously.

Can automatically defrag disk when the system is idle.


  • Super Fast and 100% Secure Disk Defragmenter
  • Maximum Hard Drive Performance & Highest Data Access Speed
  • Guaranteed Data Safety and Disk Stability
  • Automatic, Easy, and FREE to Use

DOWNLOAD Smart Defrag

SMART DEFRAG 3_001_14012014_154121

SMART DEFRAG 3_002_14012014_154125

SMART DEFRAG 3_003_14012014_154130

  • Main interface of smart defrag 3

SMART DEFRAG 3_002_16012014_005454

  • Various defrag types

SMART DEFRAG 3_003_16012014_005555

  • Smart defrag settings

SMART DEFRAG 3_005_16012014_013145

SMART DEFRAG 3_006_16012014_013151

SMART DEFRAG 3_007_16012014_013155

SMART DEFRAG 3_008_16012014_013200

SMART DEFRAG 3_009_16012014_013204

SMART DEFRAG 3_010_16012014_013207

SMART DEFRAG 3_011_16012014_013216

SMART DEFRAG 3_012_16012014_013219

SMART DEFRAG 3_013_16012014_013313

SMART DEFRAG 3_014_16012014_013319

SMART DEFRAG 3_015_16012014_013329

Configure for automatic defrag when system is idle


  • Enable “load automatically at windows startup

SMART DEFRAG 3 CONFIG_001_16012014_021825

  • Tick both options as shown below


SMART DEFRAG 3 CONFIG_002_16012014_021840


  • Click “ON” on the disk partition which you want to automatic defrag.

SMART DEFRAG 3 CONFIG_007_16012014_021959

Configure for scheduled defrag on particular time


  • Disable “Load automatically at windows startup

SMART DEFRAG 3 CONFIG_003_16012014_021906


  • Uncheck both options

SMART DEFRAG 3 CONFIG_004_16012014_021912

  • Turn on scheduled defrag.
  • Select defrag method.
  • Select disk partions which you want to defrag
  • Click “Configure


SMART DEFRAG 3 CONFIG_005_16012014_021923


  • Select schedule and start time.

SMART DEFRAG 3 CONFIG_006_16012014_021930


Configure boot time defrag


  • Turn ON boot time defrag

SMART DEFRAG 3 CONFIG_008_16012014_022934


  • Select the number of days after which boot time defrag will run.

SMART DEFRAG 3 CONFIG_010_16012014_023028