AMD Kaveri 2014 APU

AMD Kaveri is the APU that will rule 2014. Kaveri will be the company’s first chip to completely unify both CPU and GPU together on one chip, an approach AMD is calling Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA).

Using HSA a software can utilize both CPU and GPU at same time to do a particular task. Its projected that the CPU speed will have slow increase in the coming decade. So its logical that if we can use GPU to do tasks so that  we can get a substantial increase in overall computing power. This is where HSA comes in. This will significantly increase the execution speed of some applications.

Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) systems utilize multiple processor types (typically CPUs and GPUs), usually on the same silicon die, to give you the best of both worlds: GPU processing, apart from its well-known 3D graphics rendering capabilities, can also perform mathematically intensive computations on very large data sets, while CPUs can run the operating system and perform traditional serial tasks.


In Kaveri you will see 20 % increase in CPU performance and 30 % increase in GPU performance than the previous richland APU. This increase is very good from AMD. This will brig AMD CPU performance closer to Intel but will still be slightly left behind by Intel. This will definitely give them a better benchmark. This is possible because of 28nm fabrication.

The successor of Kaveri will use 20 nm fabrication. So you can expect 20 % gain in CPU and 30% in GPU power when Carizzo APU is released in 2015. This will put AMD in par with Intel who has no plans to increase the number of CPU in coming years. Instead Intel will increase the GPU share to 40% to gain more GPU performance. You can expect more battery life & less heating from intel Broadwell processor using 14nm fabrication which will be released at the end of 2014. You can expect Carizzo CPU to give equal performance as its competitor Intel.


Kaveri will definitely steal the market share from intel.