Emsisoft Internet Security 8.1 Review

Emsisoft Internet Security is Austria based security company.

Emsisoft uses bitdefender antivirus engine. So the malware detection rate is very high.

Impact on system performance is low. You could do your work easily while a scan is going on.

Scanning speed is slow but not very slow.

Daily update size is small. Expect average 20 MB daily update.

Emsisoft firewall takes most of the decision itself. It will only ask if an unknown executable is encountered. But if you install a new application that is not in emsisoft database then a lot of messages will be generated asking user to allow or deny actions by that application.

Proactive protection is also very good. protects from new unknown malware.

Emsisoft Internet Security has all the features required from an internet security software.

  • Comprehensive protection against Viruses, Spyware and other Malware
  • Two ultra-fast scanners combined for cleaning
  • Real-time behavior analysis of all active programs – guards against new threats
  • Surf protection blocks access to known fraudulent and malicious websites
  • Firewall to block unknown and suspicious data transfers
  • Program Guard – allows only known safe programs
  • Anti-Keylogger – detects hidden logging of your keyboard input
  • Banking mode for secure online banking

Operating Systems: Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8, Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows XP, Windows 8.1

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  • Main interface of emsisoft antimalware

EMSISOFT IS 2014_001_23112013_215757

  • Various manual scan types

EMSISOFT IS 2014_002_23112013_215809

  • Quarantine files

EMSISOFT IS 2014_003_23112013_215848

  • Logs of events

EMSISOFT IS 2014_004_23112013_215852

  • Application rules

EMSISOFT IS 2014_005_23112013_215936

  • An application can be blocked or allowed . Or it can be monitored and allow/block certain activity by it. this can be good for advanced users .

EMSISOFT IS 2014 new_001_24112013_071642 EMSISOFT IS 2014 new_002_24112013_071705 EMSISOFT IS 2014 new_003_24112013_071747

  • Behaviour blocker

EMSISOFT IS 2014_006_23112013_215940

EMSISOFT IS 2014_007_23112013_215955

EMSISOFT IS 2014_008_23112013_215959

EMSISOFT IS 2014_009_23112013_220013

EMSISOFT IS 2014_010_23112013_220036

EMSISOFT IS 2014_011_23112013_220137

  • Configuration

EMSISOFT IS 2014_012_23112013_220211 EMSISOFT IS 2014_013_23112013_220231 EMSISOFT IS 2014_014_23112013_220236 EMSISOFT IS 2014_015_23112013_220245 EMSISOFT IS 2014_016_23112013_220249 EMSISOFT IS 2014_017_23112013_220253 EMSISOFT IS 2014_018_23112013_220300

  • Seperate firewall module . Online armor 7

EMSISOFT IS 2014_019_23112013_220317

  • firewall takes most of the decision itself. Only it will ask for new applications or unknown application that is not in there database.

EMSISOFT IS 2014_020_23112013_220325

EMSISOFT IS 2014_021_23112013_220334

EMSISOFT IS 2014_022_23112013_220338

EMSISOFT IS 2014_023_23112013_220352

EMSISOFT IS 2014_024_23112013_220357

EMSISOFT IS 2014_025_23112013_220400 EMSISOFT IS 2014_026_23112013_220403 EMSISOFT IS 2014_027_23112013_220406 EMSISOFT IS 2014_028_23112013_220409 EMSISOFT IS 2014_029_23112013_220413 EMSISOFT IS 2014_030_23112013_220416 EMSISOFT IS 2014_031_23112013_220424 EMSISOFT IS 2014_032_23112013_220434 EMSISOFT IS 2014_033_23112013_220438 EMSISOFT IS 2014_034_23112013_220440 EMSISOFT IS 2014_035_23112013_220443