How to keep your desktop or laptop computer fast and safe from all forms of threat

A personal computer is very helpful to anyone. But threats from malware can make it very slow and compromise your personal data. So you must install a antivirus in the computer and update all the software regularly.

1. First to consider is the Operating system. The newest operating system is the best because it supports newest hardware and is most likely to be free from software vulnerabilities.

In terms of Operating system most preferred is

  1. Windows 8
  2. Windows 7
  3. Windows XP

In case of Windows 8 and 7 install 64 bit version of OS because most processor supports 64 bit instruction.

In case of Windows XP install 32 bit Windows XP service pack 3

In case of Windows 7 install Windows 7 SP 1

In case of Windows 8 install Windows 8.1

2. Once Operating System installation is complete. Download and install the latest drivers for the computer. Keep in mind that 64 bit OS would require a 64 bit version of the driver and 32 bit OS requires a 32 bit version of driver.

Important drivers would include chipset, video, audio, LAN, WLAN and bluetooth driver.



Windows Xp 64 bit

Windows XP 32 bit

Windows Vista/7/8  64 bit

Windows Vista/7/8  32 bit

AMD Catalyst driver

Windows Xp 64 bit

Windows XP 32 bit

Windows Vista/7/8  64 bit

Windows Vista/7/8  32 bit

3. Keep your operating system updated by turning on automatic update.

4. Install Internet Security software. It protects the computer from all kinds of malware and internet originated threats. Also it must not cause any stability issue with other software’s installed in the system. It must not cause blocking of internet access.

Best paid internet security vendors are –

  1. kaspersky – kasperky is heavy on system resources but provides very high level of security. Easy to use and highly configurable.
  2. F Secure – f secure is very light on system resources and provides very high level of security. Easy to use. Less configurable.
  3. ESET Smart Security – Light on system resources . provides very high level of security. Easy to use.
  4. Emsisoft Internet Secuirty – Provides very high level of security. generates a lot of popups. So good only for tech savvy people
  5. Bullguard – provides very good level of security and can be used by less tech savy users. Highly configurable. easy to use.

Search in ebay to get low price internet security software.

Check here to get at low price

Best free antivirus vendors are –

  1. 360 Internet security (Qihoo) – Easy to use. moderatly configurable. Requires some computer knowhow. Very high level of security.
  2. Bitdefender antivirus free – Very easy to use. less configuarable . very high security.
  3. Comodo internet security –  only for tech savvy. Highly configurable. High security.
  4. Avast – very easy to use. highly configurable. Provides less security than those above.
  5. Avira –
  6. AVG

Bitdefender and 360 internet securirty recommended.

DOWNLOAD free antivirus

5. The software you install must be latest so that it is free from vulnerabilities and bugs. The newest versions are most secure.

Using cracked software is one of the main reason people get infected with malwares. Most of the cracked software available in internet contains malware. This does not mean that there aren’t geniunly cracked software out there. One way to keep your computer safe is to upload the crack to . This website will tell you if the file is infected with malware or not.

Second reason to get infected is surfing websites that contains malicious scripts or codes. Just by visiting these websites you computer can get infected. Using good internet security software protects from these malicious websites.

6. Use Web Browsers like chrome and Firefox. These are constantly updated so that vulnerabilities and bugs are fixed. So always use the latest version. Also Firefox and Chrome protects from some malicious url and phishing websites. This adds extra layer of protection.

Also most Antivirus or internet security software’s support Chrome and Firefox. So you will be protected from web treats.



7. Install web browser addons like Adblock Plus and WOT. These adds extra layer of protection to the computer.

Many times ads are very intrusive. These ad banner may mislead viewers into installing malwares. They may trick you into giving personal information by claiming that you have won something big. They may lead you to websites that contains malicious codes.

DOWNLOAD AdBlock plus


8. For video and audio player download from following locations –

I suggest you use AIMP 3 as audio player

Media Player Classic Home Cinema as video player.

9.  If you use file sharing software then download from locations below

I recommend using utorrent for downloading torrent files.

DOWNLOAD utorrent

10. For Download manager/accelerator use Free download manager


FDM may not integrate with chrome browser.

11. For PDF reader application choose from Foxit reader and Adobe reader

DOWNLOAD Foxit Reader

DOWNLOAD Adobe Reader

12. For Office works like spreadsheet, Word and presentation use Kingsoft Office free

DOWNLOAD Kingsoft Office free

Alternate Libre office

13. For File archiver used for compressing and decompressing file download from

Use bandizip

14. For system information use



15. For system cleaning and tweaking


WiseCare 365

Advanced system care

16. For Disk Defragment software use

Smart Defrag

17. For codec pack

K-Lite Codec Pack

18. For image viewer use


19. For image editing use

The Gimp

20. For network speed and bandwidth monitor use


21. For Emulate virtual CD/DVD-ROM/HD DVD and Blu-ray drives and creating disk images

DAEMON Tools Lite

22. Install Essential Packages