Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 – review and settings

Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 has all the features required from an internet security suites. Its malware detection rate is one of the best.

  • Anti-Malware Protection — for real-time defences against computer viruses and Internet threats
  • Internet Protection — to secure your data and your money when you’re banking, shopping or surfing online
  • Identity Protection — via Kaspersky’s Virtual Keyboard and Secure Keyboard technologies
  • Anti-Phishing Protection — to prevent cybercriminals from collecting your personal information
  • Advanced Parental Control — that helps keep children safe when they’re online
  • Cloud-based protection
  • Automatic Exploit Prevention
  • Protection against screen lockers

During manual scan the CPU, hard disk and RAM usage was high. So if you want to install kaspersky make sure you have Intel i series processor like i3, i5, i7. Any older processor would be having trouble during scan. AMD APU series with quad core would be able to handle it. AMD FX series processor with quad core or better can handle it.

For RAM requirement i would say 2GB or more will be enough. Anything lower than 2GB RAM will have trouble in manaul scanning.

Manual scanning duration is very long. The longest I have seen with any antivirus.

Antivirus can automatically remove detected threats.

Proactive protection from unknown malware is good. But still needs improvement.

Firewall allows known trusted application to connect to internet. Only for few times firewall will ask the user to decide whether to allow the unknown application to connect to internet or not.

Web filtering in parental control is inaccurate. Even wikipedia gets blocked. So you can image how flawed it is. But you can easily unblock wrongly categorized websites. I am not impressed by the web filter.

Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 trial

  • Installation

KASPERSKY IS 2014_001_01082013_171055

  • Kaspersky looks for incompatible softwares and then install the application.

KASPERSKY IS 2014_002_01082013_171203

  • Successfully installed message

KASPERSKY IS 2014_003_01082013_171358

  • After installation kaspersky asks for activation code. You may proceed with activate trial version.

KASPERSKY IS 2014_004_01082013_171545

  • Activation completed.

KASPERSKY IS 2014_005_01082013_171607

  • The new main interface for kaspersky internet security 2014

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_001_01082013_175824

  • All the features and tools of kaspersky

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_002_01082013_175957

  • The manual scan module provides Full scan, Quick scan, Custom scan and scanning of removable drives.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_003_01082013_180019

  • Custom scan lets you add folder that will be scanned.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_004_01082013_180046

  • Removable drives scan lets you scan USB pendrives and USB external hard disk/SSD.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_005_01082013_180051

  • Update module

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_006_01082013_180132

  • Safe Money module for secure online banking and payment system. Kaspersky automatically detects banking or payment system websites and ask user to use kaspersky safe money.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_007_01082013_180149

  • Whenever user browse a banking or payment website then Kaspersky open safe money. Two choices are provided.
  • First option is open a protected browser which open a new protected window. In that browser extension/addon are not allowed. So if user is using password management software to store password then you won’t be able to use it in protected browser.
  • Second option is to open in same window. This may be less secure but is more convenient to use.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_008_01082013_180549

  • Parental control module. It ask for a password which will be required to change the settings. You may choose not to assisgn any password by clicking skip.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_010_01082013_180909

  • All the computer users will be shown here. Turn ON the parental control module. Then click on user name. In this case vikash.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_011_01082013_180934

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_012_01082013_180939

  • Network monitor module.
  • network activity showing the outbound and inbound traffic of each application.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_013_01082013_181057

  • Open ports show the open TCP/UDP ports of each application.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_014_01082013_181122

  • network traffic shows the data received and sent by each application.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_015_01082013_181129

  • Blocked computer  the IP address of the computer that has been blocked for some malicious activity by that computer.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_016_01082013_181150

  • Tools module

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_017_01082013_181705

  • Application control module shows the applications that has been allowed/blocked from starting.
  • Current activity show how many applications and processes are running and their memory usage, hard disk usage and there network activity.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_018_01082013_181931

  • By clicking on “manage applications” user the details of Applications that are blocked/allowed to run

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_019_01082013_182033

  • Restrictions tab showing which applications are labeled as trusted or not trusted.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_020_01082013_182050

  • By clicking on “Show all activity” user is shown all the running applications. This window shows which applications are digitally signed, trusted and other details of the application.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_021_01082013_182147

  • Run at startup module

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_022_01082013_182158

  • Kaspersky setting window.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_023_01082013_182405

  • protection center settings.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_024_01082013_182448

  • File antivirus settings.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_025_01082013_182458

  • Application control settings

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_026_01082013_182535

  • Kaspersky trust digitally signed applications. You may select what to do when unknown applications are found.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_027_01082013_182612

  • Network attack blocker settings. The IP address of the attacking computer will be blocked for specified time.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_028_01082013_182724

  • Mail antivirus settings.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_029_01082013_182741

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_030_01082013_182755

  • Web antivirus settings.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_031_01082013_182810 KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_032_01082013_182816

  • Firewall settings.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_033_01082013_182831

  • Click “networks” to see the network adapters

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_034_01082013_182853

  • Click “Configure application rules”. Here user can set which applications are allowed to connect to internet and which are not.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_035_01082013_182922

  • Click “packet rules” to configure rules for various protocols.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_036_01082013_182931

  • System watcher settings.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_037_01082013_182947

  • Anti spam settings.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_038_01082013_182955

  • Advanced anti spam settings.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_039_01082013_182958

  • Anti-banner settings

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_040_01082013_183007

  • Safe money settings.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_041_01082013_183032

  • Performance settings.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_042_01082013_183048 KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_043_01082013_183135

  • Computer scan settings.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_044_01082013_183150

  • Additional settings.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_045_01082013_183225

  • Update setting allows user to set how often updates will be performed.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_046_01082013_183255

  • Secure data input settings.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_047_01082013_183319

  • Threats and exclusions settings.
  • Tick on “detect other softwares …” for better security.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_048_01082013_183347

  • Self defense settings

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_049_01082013_183358

  • Compatibility settings

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_050_01082013_183404

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_051_01082013_183433

  • Network settings.
  • Encrypted connections scan is the biggest problem user will have to handle. As mentioned some websites may be inaccessible. If the user uses firefox web browser then he may get into trouble. So it is recommended that you use chrome or internet explorer. Any other web browser is not supported by kaspersky, so you will be left unprotected if you use web browser other that internet explorer, chrome or firefox.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_052_01082013_183445

  • Network ports that will be scanned.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_053_01082013_183610

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_054_01082013_183620

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_055_01082013_183626

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_056_01082013_183630

  • Encrypted connection scan setting. Click on “Install certificate”.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_057_01082013_183720

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_058_01082013_183743

  • Kaspersky was unable to install certificate in firefox. So user would have to do it manually.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_059_01082013_183903

  • Click on “save certificate”. Save the kaspersky certificate in any folder.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_060_01082013_183908

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_061_01082013_183941

  • Open firefox web broswer. Click on Tools->Options.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_062_01082013_184009

  • Click view certificate.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_063_01082013_184017

  • Go to “authorities” tab.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_064_01082013_184026

  • Click on “Import”. Go the the location at which the kaspersky certificate was stored previously and install it.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_065_01082013_184232

  • Tick all the three options. Click OK.
  • That’s it. But still Firefox may show error when accessing https websites.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_066_01082013_184258

  • Notification settings

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_067_01082013_185003

  • Reports and quarantine settings.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_068_01082013_185009

  • Feedback settings.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_069_01082013_185019

  • Appearance settings.

KASPERSKY IS 2014 S_070_01082013_185027