Avast Internet Security 8

Avast internet security 8 is the newest internet security software from Avast released in 2013. It has a lot of features that packed in it. Its virus detection is very good. It has a lot of settings that can be done. I haven’t seen any other antivirus with this much settings. But I am also not satisfied with its default settings.

File shield provides realtime on access protection from malwares. But I am not satisfied with its default setting. I recommend you to go through it and do some custom settings.

Firewall is silent and can work in auto mode. So it doesn’t popup unnecessary firewall messages.


  • avast! Internet Security provides complete antivirus, anti-spyware, antispam, and firewall protection, complemented by remote assistance options, a software updater, and avast! SafeZone, built specifically for online shopping and banking threats you’ll encounter in 2013.
  • Mail shield monitors all your email traffic and scans all messages even before they reach you computer and have the chance to do any harm.
  • Web Shield scrutnizes all your web browsing activities and eliminates any online threats even before your web browser sees them.
  • P2P Shield monitors downloads from most P2P applications, vastly eliminating the security risks associated with these types of programs.
  • IM Shield intercepts all downloads from instant messaging applications and make sure they are clean.
  • Network shield monitors all network activity and stops any viruses that try to infect your system via the network. It also blocks known malicious websites.
  • Script shield intercepts all scripts executed on your system.
  • Our built-in silent firewall blocks hackers and other unauthorized entry attempts to steal sensitive personal data from your PC. Plus, email spam and phishing attacks are prevented with built-in anti-spam.
  • SafeZone™ is a private and isolated virtual window on your desktop, for securing your sensitive financial transactions online. Perfect for auction sites, buying tickets, booking hotels or airlines, online gaming, or any sort of monetary transfer.
  • Sandbox lets you surf the web and run even risky programs virtually, outside your PC. And our Web, IM, and P2P shields ensure your safety on social networks (e.g. Facebook or Twitter) and online dating sites, IM chats (e.g. Skype or ICQ), or peer-to-peer file-sharing sites.
  • Hybrid cloud technology streams your virus database updates to your PC in real-time, so your avast! software has all virus definitions as soon as they are known to our Virus Lab.
  • Our cloud-based FileRep feature keeps reputation data on millions of files, so we can warn you of a file’s reputation before you open it.
  • Your AVAST Account portal is your personal directory for all your avast! related data, for all your desktop and mobile devices. Each month, we also prepare for you a Security Report that shows an overview of the most significant details (e.g. number of infected sites blocked).
  • Our Remote Assistance lets you connect remotely to friends or family members for computer help. It routes through AVAST’s servers, bypasses firewalls, and can be terminated by either party at any time.


  • Windows 7 (any Edition, 32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows Vista (any Edition excl. Starter Edition, 32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher (any Edition, 32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows 8 (any Edition, 32-bit or 64-bit, excl. RT Edition)


  • Avast internet security installation. It lets you do custom install in which you can choose which component to install and which not to install.


  • When network connection is detected then firewall asks for what type of connection is it.
  • First is home network that poses less risk . It is home environment where you want to share files with other computers.
  • Second is work network that has medium risk. You should select this if you unsure. Like you access internet through LAN in office.
  • Third is public network. Most probably public wifi network environment.

AVAST IS 8_001_04072013_190258


  • Avast Internet Security 8 main interface

AVAST IS 8_002_04072013_190431

  • In security tab the current status shows statistics of all the avast components.

AVAST IS 8_003_04072013_190518

  • Statistics

AVAST IS 8_004_04072013_190533

  • Web Shield
  • P2P Shield
  • IM Shield

AVAST IS 8_077_04072013_191509

  • Behavior shield
  • Anti spam


AVAST IS 8_090_04072013_191621

  • Firewall setting
  • Network connections can be monitored from here.

AVAST IS 8_096_04072013_191847

  • Detailed network connections

AVAST IS 8_097_04072013_191906

  • Application rules

AVAST IS 8_098_04072013_191952

  • Network utilities.

AVAST IS 8_099_04072013_192051

  • Firewall logs.

AVAST IS 8_100_04072013_192100

  • Software updater.

AVAST IS 8_101_04072013_192105

AVAST IS 8_102_04072013_192128

  • Sandboxing
  • Safezone

AVAST IS 8_113_04072013_192301

  • Browser cleanup

AVAST IS 8_114_04072013_192310

  • Site blocking. Block any website from being access from the computer.

AVAST IS 8_115_04072013_192313

AVAST IS 8_116_04072013_192317


  • Update info

AVAST IS 8_117_04072013_192326

  • Subscription info

AVAST IS 8_118_04072013_192333

  • Scan logs.

AVAST IS 8_119_04072013_192336

  • Virus chest contains the quarantined malware

AVAST IS 8_120_04072013_192339

  • Remote assistance

AVAST IS 8_121_04072013_192343

  • More about avast.

AVAST IS 8_122_04072013_192351

  • Support info

AVAST IS 8_123_04072013_192420

AVAST IS 8_124_04072013_192423