Create a strong password that are easy to remember

A strong password is must to provide strong security to your online login credential. But the problem is the strongest password is difficult to remember. Also using simple password is not good because it can be cracked very easily. The more long a password is the more strong it is.


  • Combine many words and numbers to many a long and strong password. Like combine “Callofduty” , “mercedes“, “ihopethisisstrongpassword” to make a long password “Callofdutymercedesihopethisisstrongpassword“. Also add a number to it if possible. Like add “64890” to get “Callofdutymercedesihopethisisstrongpassword64890“. All the words and numbers are easy to remember and when combined creates very strong password. The more difficult the word the more difficult it gets to guess it. Like one can easily guess that you may have used words like “callofduty” and “mercedes” because these are famous games and brand. So use less popular words and sentences. You may use quotes to make strong password. Like “If something sounds too good to be true it is probably false.”
  • Make you password more difficult to guess. By changing words “callofduty” to “CaLlOfDuTy” you can make it more difficult to guess. Odd letters are in capital. Thus making “Callofdutymercedesihopethisisstrongpassword64890” to “CaLlOfDuTyMeRcEdEsIhOpEtHiSiSsTrOnGpAsSwOrD64890
  • You may also go like this by changing words “callofdutyihopethisisstrongpassword” to “CALLofDUTYiHOPEthisISstrongPASSWORD“.
  • You may also change words like this by repeating letter to specified no of times. Change “callofduty” to “ccccaaaallllooooffffdddduuuuttttyyyy“.
  • You may repeat letters in words in increasing fashion. Change “callofduty” to “caallloooofffffdddddduuuuuuuttttttttyyyyyyyyy
  • You may also repeat numbers to specified times. Like change “84790” to “888444777999000“.
  • You may repeat numbers in increasing fashion. Like change “84790” to “844777999900000
  • You may mix numbers and words. Like mix “callofduty” to “84790” to create “c8a4l7l9o0fduty“.
  • Use some letters of phrases and quotes. Like from “If something sounds too good to be true it is probably false” take first letter of every word which makes “isstgtbtiipf“.
  • Use symbols instead of number. Replace number “84790” with symbols “*$&()” which correspond to that number in keyboard.
  • Play more with keyboard. Replace number with symbols before or after that number. replace number “84790” with symbol before that number “&#^*(” or with symbol after that number “(%8)_“.
  • Just repeat the word. Repeat word “mercedes” to “mercedesmercedesmercedesmercedes” .

A good password is required to have letters in both lower and upper case, numbers and symbols. Also the length must be large than 12 characters.

Say I can remember only “mercedes” and number “87402“. I change “mercedes” to “MeRcEdEs“,  and get symbol associated with number before “87402” which is “&^#(!“. Thus making final password “MeRcEdE87402&^#(!” which is difficult to guess or crack.