Lastpass – free and secure online password manager

In today’s internet connected world we are required to use strong password as login authentication for many websites. These websites may be email, online shopping, forum or some other form of online service. These passwords must be strong which means it must be lengthy and very difficult to guess easily. At the same time people are expected to remember it and  not keep it in written anywhere. having username and password for many websites can be very difficult to remember.

So many times what people do is use same password for all websites which is not a good practice. Also difficulty to remember long and complicated password leads to a simple password. Practices like these are not good in terms of security. If you keep online shopping or online banking password simple or same as use for other website, then it can lead to severe consequences. You may lose huge sum of money if someone finds out your password.

Lastpass software is a free service that you can use to secure yourself from such misery. With Lastpass you need to create one strong master password to login to Lastpass account. For all other websites you can generate and save strong passwords in Lastpass account.

Lastpass is available as a plugin for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari.



You should go through helpful online guide for lastpass.