Best free system/registry/disk cleaner/optimizer/repair for windows

Best free system/registry/disk cleaner/optimizer/repair for windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 (x86/x64) that do their job and can be trusted. Windows registry gets cluttered with junk entries which needs cleanup. Windows directory gets cluttered with junk files which needs cleanup. Windows setting need optimization for faster use and operation. Some extra utilities are also bundled in some of these software which are very helpful. You can safely install and use all of these software at same time.

1) CCleaner

2) Wise Care 365

3) Advanced System Care


4) Ashampoo Winoptimizer


License key :  AW15A2-775521-13199A


5)  Privazer



1) CCleaner

CCLEANER 5 _25112014_213201

CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure. It has registry cleaner. It has junk files cleaner. Easy to use and a small, fast download.

Cleans all areas of your Computer

  • Internet Explorer –  Temporary files, history, cookies, Autocomplete form history, index.dat.
  • Firefox – Temporary files, history, cookies, download history, form history.
  • Google Chrome – Temporary files, history, cookies, download history, form history.
  • Opera – Temporary files, history, cookies.
  • Safari – Temporary files, history, cookies, form history.
  • Windows – Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files and Log files.
  • Registry Cleaner – Advanced features to remove unused and old registry entries.

2) Wise Care 365

WISECARE 3_017_11062014_225659

Wise Care 365 is a bundle of important registry, disk, and other system utilities for your PC. Easy to use and effective, Wise Care 365 is the good solution to improve your computer performance.

What can Wise Care 365 do?

  • Complete Registry Care – Clean up, defragment and optimize the Windows Registry
  • Defragment and free up space on your hard disk
  • Custom Cleaning and System Slimming
  • Protect your privacy by erasing personal tracking data
  • Performance(both PC Clean and Optimization)
  • Recover lost files
  • Hide important files or folders
  • Prevent unauthorized use of personal applications
  • Auto shut down your PC
  • Free up Memory to boost game and enterprise software performance
  • Simple “One Click Tune-up” option will optimize your PC

PC’s performance. Get Wise Care 365 and your computer will never run slow again!

3) Advanced System Care


Free takes a one-click approach to protect, repair, clean, and optimize your PC.

  • Scan and remove spyware and adware with the latest definition
  • Prevent spyware, hijackers and bad websites from being installed
  • Erase the history of all activities in your computer
  • Scan and fix invalid and improper registry entries
  • Detect and remove invalid startup items
  • Search and Clean up unused Windows garbage
  • Repair system configurations, Eliminate System Bottlenecks and Prevent Crashes
  • Tune up Windows to improve both system and Internet performance, unleash the power of your Windows
  • Analyze and Show detailed information of hardware and Windows
  • Defrag registry
  • Defrag hard disk
  • Scan and repair hard disk bad sector.
  • Windows vulnerability scan
  • New Surfing Protection technology supports real-time database update and parent control for safer surfing for both parents and kids.
  • New Homepage Protection function protects homepage and search engine against malicious modification.
  • New Program Deactivator tool for retrieving more available system resource by disabling running programs.
  • New Skip-UAC function for faster and easier loading of the program.
  • Fully upgraded Cloned Files Scanner supports removing duplicates in just one-click.Enhanced Shortcut Fixer provides faster scanning speed and richer functions.
  • Improved Junk Files Clean fully supports the cleaning of Windows 8 Metro (Modern) Apps.
  • Improved Disk Explorer supports removing useless downloaded files by scanning download directories.
  • Improved Turbo Boost gives you more stable performance and advanced custom configuration.

4) Ashampoo Winoptimizer Free


  • Render deleted files unrecoverable with File Wiper
  • Securely delete files with File Wiper
  • Securely encrypt and decrypt files with File Encrypter and Decrypter
  • Split up huge files with File Splitter
  • Detect hard disk issues on time with HDD Inspector
  • View disk space usage and find large files with DiskSpace Explorer
  • Get detailed system information
  • Benchmark system with System Benchmark
  • Remove internet traces with Internet Cleaner
  • Defragment hard disks for improved performance
  • Optimize Windows Registry with Registry Optimizer
  • Disable unnecessary system services for more performance with Service Manager
  • Speed up Windows startups with Startup Tuner
  • Optimize Internet connections with Internet Tuner
  • View and manage running processes with Process Manager
  • Review and uninstall applications with Uninstall Manager
  • Adjust hidden settings with tweaking module
  • Improve privacy with AntiSpy
  • Adjust file associations with File Associator
  • Save Windows desktop icon arrangement with Icon Saver


5) Privazer

Detection of residual traces in free space
Visualization of residual traces of old files remaining in free space

Smart cleanup of free space
Cleanup of residual traces in free space areas needing a reset to zero
We assure no useless cleanups.
Areas already reset to zero are not cleaned which can speed up cleanup by 2x to 100x.
Cleanup runs faster after each run.

File table cleanup
Cleanup of residual traces in file tables, not only in MFT but in FAT as well
Additional cleanup of INDEX attributes in MFT

Smart overwriting
Recognition of type of storage medium of your storage device : magnetic disk, SSD, etc
Adaptation of overwriting algorithms to storage medium

Smart cleanup of Jumplists
Cleanup of your Jumplists without deleting your pinned items/ websites which are preserved

Smart cleanup of Prefetch
Removing of invalid Prefetch entries. Old valid entries are preserved.

Deletion of USB history
Deletion of remaining traces of disconnected device (name, date, etc)
Scan and cleanup of Pagefile.sys / Hiberfil.sys content
Visualization of Pagefile.sys / Hiberfil.sys content

Scan of thumbnails
Full scan of the drive to retrieve remaining thumbs.db files and show their content
Visualization of ThumbCache files content

Scan of residual traces in Indexing service
Scan of remaining traces of deleted files still indexed by Windows™ Indexing Service