G Data Internet Security 2013

G Data Total Protection 2013 is a German company that  includes anti-malware with a cloud component and twin AV engines, a firewall, anti-spam, parental control. Yes it has two virus detection engine for detecting malware. The use two AV engines puts heavy load on the system resources but provides very high level of security. So you need to have fast computer  to use G data. But there are settings that can be done to lower the use of system resource. Antivirus lab test confirms its malware detection capability. It missed the least no. malware in malware detection test. It scored very high in overall protection test. Average home users can go for it. It is very silent and does not pops up messages unnecessarily. It suffers from false positive warning messages that can be negative point for g data and problematic because it causes blocking of good software. Its web protection will require high speed internet connection( 1 Mbps) or else you won’t be able to browse at good speed.

The AV scanner uses fingerprinting of the files it checks, so it doesn’t need to recheck them on subsequent scans, if their fingerprints are unchanged. To the left of these panels are two real-time graphs of processor use, so you can see at a glance how intensely the PC is working in general and on these internet-security tasks in particular.

  • Instant protection when surfing: G Data Web Cloud blocks dangerous websites
  • Instant protection when mailing: G Data Mail Cloud blocks virus outbreaks immediately
  • Instant protection for Online- Banking: BankGuard protects against dangerous Banking-Trojans
  • Instant protection through behaviour checking: recognizes suspicious behaviour of new viruses
  • Optimal virus detection using a combination of two virus scanning engines
  • Light on resources due to fingerprinting and idle scan running when you take a break
  • Protection against hacking: silent firewall protects without annoying queries
  • No spam – annoying spam is blocked automatically
  • Parental control prevents access to undesirable web sites
  • Including AntiVirus for Android™ smartphones.
It has the biggest setup file size.
  • This is the main interface of G Data internet security suite 2013. You can see that all the components are enabled. You can very easily disable any of the components. If you feel that gdata is slowing you internet browsing speed then you can disable web protection component.
  • Installation is easy and fast. You can customize the installation by choosing which component will be installed and which will not. First time update was lengthy.
  • In the General-> Security/performance.
  • Default setting is “standard computer” in which the two AV engines are used all the time. Also files are scanned when it is read or written. This slows the computer a little bit but provides high level of security.
  • If you feel that computer has slowed down then you can change setting to “Slow computer”. This will use only one AV engine while scanning files. Also files will be checked only at execution time. This sure improves the speed of computer but decreases the level of security. Also memory requirement is increased.
  • You can password protect gdata so that only you can change the setting of the gdata. Be careful while setting password because this method is very old fashioned and you may make some unrepairable mistake.
  • Here you can set what will be the action of gdata antivirus realtime monitor when it detects malware.
  • Here you can set what will be the action of gdata antivirus mnual scan when it detects malware.
  • You can change the setting of web protection . However the default setting are good.
  • Here you can change settings for the email protection.
  • gdata automatically scans for virus when left idle for some time. You can disable this feature.
  • You can also schedule antivirus scan to run at specific time.
  • here you can change the spam filtering option.
  • Here you can set your spam filtering method. You can filter files with certain extensions. You can filter  files with specified words. You filter specified language. You can filter specified domain.
  • Here you can change firewall setting.
  • default is “Autopilot mode” . It is the best option as it does not creates any firewall popups. All decision are done by the Gdata.
  • You can also manually do the settings of the firewall.