Use OpenDNS for extra layer of protection on your computer/mobile

To secure your computer you install antivirus, firewall or internet security suite. Apart from that you can increase the level of protection on your computer by using OpenDNS. It is a free DNS service provider. If you connect to internet then it is a must that you use a DNS server.

At the very basic level you get malware/botnet and phishing protection.

Malware/Botnet Protection

When certain Internet-scale botnets are discovered or particularly malicious malware hits, it offer protection to all our users so that as many people as possible can be protected from the threat. At this time, this feature blocks the Conficker virus and the Internet Explorer Zero Day Exploit, and is continually expanded to include other types of malicious sites.

Phishing Protection

Phishing protection, you’ll protect everyone on your network from known phishing sites using the best data available. Phishing sties are fake sites that it they not what they say they are. These phishing sites can fool you into giving your important personal information like your identity, address and in extreme case your bank account or credit card information.

So protect yourself from these online threats using OpenDNS.

Open DNS servers ip address are


For instructions to change DNS server click on link provided below for your operating system.


XP, Vista, 2000 / NT, 98, Windows 7, ME


SUSE, Ubuntu



Web Content Filtering

In addition you can register a free account in This provides you with web filtering or parental filtering feature. It provides blocking of websites from various categories. As shown below I have chosen to block websites in categories Academic fraud, drugs, gambling, web spam, adware and typo squatting. This can be done in settings when you login in your account with OpenDNS.
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