Panda Cloud Antivirus Free version 2

Panda is extremely lightweight free antivirus. It provides real-time protection using the latest virus signatures backed up by the “cloud-based” part of the protection, which basically translates as freeing up system resources by doing all the analysis of your files over the internet, resulting in a lighter, faster package. It lacks firewall, spam filter, parental control. Very less configuration that can be done by the user.

Sadly there are no automated scans offered; instead, just click the Scan button to manually run an optimised scan or choose to scan your entire computer on semi-regular basis.

Potentially dangerous items are quarantined in the program’s Recycle Bin, where you can easily restore them if necessary from the main interface. The program also comes with a browser toolbar for IE and Firefox that aims to help steer you away from dangerous websites.

New in version 2.0, the antivirus also gets disinfection instructions from the cloud. As with previous editions, its malware cleanup ability becomes quite limited if the Internet connection is cut. However, virtually all modern threats attack via the Internet. To help head off threats that enter via infected USB devices, Panda turns off USB autorun.



  • Installation is very easy. You can select from many languages provided by the panda.

  • You can change default installation directory. But it recommended that you leave it as it is.

  • Installation is fast.


  • This is the main interface of panda cloud antivirus.


  • When you click on “Antivirus” in as shown in above image then new window as shown below comes forward. Here ” Scan now” offers manual scan of your computer. You can also enable/disable panda antivirus.


  • When you click on “Advanced setting” as shown above, a new window as shown below pops up. Here you can do few setting for panda.


  • In exclusions you can add files, folders and file extensions that will not be scanned by the panda cloud antivirus.


  • When you click on the “processes” on the main window then this new windows pops up. It shows the processes that are active on your computer and panda rates them.