Avira Free AntiVirus 2013 v13

Avira is a good free antivirus. It is very good in blocking malware from infecting your computer. But it is not good in cleaning infected computer. So it a very good idea to install it in a clean system but it is not a good idea to install in virus infected computer. Besides the classic protection against viruses, using AHeAD (Advanced Heuristic Analysis and Detection) it provides protection against adware, spyware, malicious applications, back-doors, dialers, phishing, programs that violate private domain or other fraudulent software. it lacks Web Protection that protects from malicious websites. It lacks firewall that can keep computer safe from hackers. It also lacks anti spam, parental control and game mode.

Installation is faster and easier than ever in this version, and will now detect and alert you to the presence of other antivirus suites.

Once the program is running it provides all the features you’d expect: files you access are checked for threats in real time, you can carry out on-demand antivirus scans on any part of your system whenever you like, and a capable scheduler allows you to set up regular scans to run automatically and unattended.

Avira has the fastest scan time and the impact on system resources is very low. It is really very fast.

It lacks web protection which would have prevented the accessing of harmful websites. So if you use internet a lot then this cannot protect from internet treats.

So it is very good for computer that are not used for internet surposes. Or say computer that connects to internet for very less time. It is very good in detecting malware in files.





  • During installation Avira scans for incompatible antivirus softwares on your computer.

  • Express and custom install are supported.

  • This is the main interface of the Avira antivirus. As you can see only “realtime protection” feature is provided in avira free antivirus and it can be turned ON/OFF as required.

  • Manual system scanning can be done in “System scanner”.

  • Scanning for malware can be scheduled.

  • In Avira configuration : In system scanner settings under “Files” you can select which files can be scanned by avira. “All files” options allow scanning of all the file types in a folder. By default “Use smart extentions” is selected which scans files with selected extentions are scanned. Or else you can use “Use file extention list” as an option where you will decide which type of file will be scanned.

  • During manual scanning avira can be set to take automatic actions on detection of malware. In interactive mode you can select what to do with malware when detected. In automatic mode avira will take decision what to do with the malware upon detection. Actions can be “repair”, “rename”, “delete”, “quarantine” and “ignore”.

  • In exceptions you can select files or folders which are not allowed to be scanned by avira.

  • In archive setting you can select if avira can scan file that are compressed in archives. Like files in zip, tar, cab archives.

  • You can password protect avira so that only can change the setting of the avira.

  • Some extra features are blocking of autorun of cd, dvd and pendrive. Through autorun many virus and worms infect the computer. So this is a very good feature.