Hardwipe – Wipe Drive,Files and Free space

Use Hardwipe to permanently erase (or “hard wipe”) data on disk and portable storage media.

Hardwipe for Desktop is free for non-commercial use.

The Hardwipe Portable Edition provides a USB runnable alternative which can easily be combined with Windows PE to create a modern boot and nuke data sanitization solution with a graphical user interface.

Finally, Hardwipe’s command line utility can easily be automated from the Windows Task Scheduler in order to prevent remnant data accumulation, offers total flexibility for power users.

Hardwipe gives you the freedom to securely erase:

  • Physical Devices
  • Logical Volumes
  • Files & Folders
  • Recycler Bins
  • Free (unused) Drive Space
  • Windows Pagefile


Download Link

User Guide : http://www.hardwipe.com/user_guide/index.html


HARDWIPE 5_13-02-2015_23-02-45

Cleaning free space in hard hisk

  • Click “Free Space
  • Select “volumes” in which you want to clean free space
  • Click “OK

HARDWIPE 5_13-02-2015_23-03-46

  • To start cleaning the free space click “Start

HARDWIPE 5_13-02-2015_23-04-19

HARDWIPE 5_13-02-2015_23-04-46


HARDWIPE 5_13-02-2015_23-14-56